Monday August 20th, He's Back!

Soooo today was the first full day that Ingram really had his appetite AND his full blown energy back since the start of his second round of chemo started two weeks ago.  Granted, he's still being a picky eater and also changes what he wants to eat every few minutes.  Ingram does have two things that he still wants to eat/drink all day long...Rasinets and Gatorade.  I guess between the two of those, we're not going to be needing any Miralx to counteract some of the effects of chemotherapy! 

The girls are super busy with soccer six days a week between the two of them.  They're really good at it and are already talking about College scholarships...well at least Craig is!  Lindsey is great at offense and Madison is a rockstar at Goalie and Defender.  Even when Lindsey switches to defense and Madison to offense, they still make a difference in their games.  They are both as tough as nails on the field, but Momma Bear get a little nervous when they go in for a shoulder charge (thanks to Daddy and Mr. Aaron) or have a collision at full speed.  Luckily, we haven't had any major injuries on the field since Lindsey broke her nose in church league when she was 4. 

We head back to St. Jude in the morning to have labs drawn and also to have our weekly clinic appointment.  I'm thinking they're going to be talking about Ingram's reaction to his platelet transfusion and also discuss his progress.   I know we're supposed to do another round of testing between the second and third round of chemo but we that's about all we know.  Hopefully after tomorrow, we'll know when/what/why and can attempt to plan our schedule at least a week at a time. Of course the funny thing about attempting to make plans is that our schedule can change at any given moment, but at least we're pretty much used to flying by the seat of our pants!

Oh, we've got exciting news about Craig!  He's going to be on CNBC at 4:45am; it's makes an early start for the day, but it's great to have him and Vining Sparks on national tv!  The station will also put in online afterwards and it usually winds up on You Tube too so everyone can see it.  We (well really me and the kids) get super excited and right when the girls get in from school, they run to the tv to see the recording.   I guess we'll have to see how his bald head looks on tv;  maybe the hosts' will remember Craig's full head of hair and ask him about the change.  Then he could talk about Ingram the Conqueror on national TV...I know, I know, silly right?  But at least I can think about the possibilities!

I Know, We're Always Getting Ice Cream!
Today's Cause..Haircuts For The Girls.
Funny Question From Ingram When We Were Checking In At The Hair Place:
 "Mommy, Can I Get A Haircut Too?"
An Answer Wasn't Needed As Everyone In the Store Started Laughing!

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