Tuesday August 28th, GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

As expected, Ingram's weight today was higher than 14.2;  it was 14.6 which seems to be our new magic number that always pops up on the scale.  I guess it doesn't matter how much he eats, it's usually 14.6 or 14.2   Oh well, I guess I can look forward to the false high reading that he gets on fluids next time.  

I know I said I wasn't going to be upset about his weight, but I think I'm just a little down in general right now.  Our friend Landan isn't doing well at all and it's just not fair.  Another of our friends, Cole, had his scans today and found out that his tumor had returned.  He went through radiation for Anaplastic Ependymoma the same time we were and it was his second round fighting this nasty cancer; he's also Ingram's age and they'll start they're third fight against this monster.  This is not fair either.  Brent, another friend from radiation who's Lindsey's age, is getting quite sick off his IL-2 treatment for Neuroblastoma and it's just not very fun for him right now.  And this is not fair.

Mae, our two-time inpatient buddy so it's not boring while getting chemo, is still in the hospital going on over a week with ZERO for her ANC which means she has no immune system; that just stinks because she has plenty of energy and wants to be out running around but can't.  Jackie is a sweet little two year old who started chemo the week before we did for Ependymoma in July and got a good report from her scans last week; she started her third round of chemo today.  None of this is fair!!

Then there's us...we're about to have another MRI and Spinal Tap Thursday before we start our third round of chemo supposedly on Friday.  For as much fun as we have at St. Jude with our new friends and our doctors and nurses, there's always this ugly Cancer in the background that messes up our plans and none of us like him at all!!  GO AWAY CANCER!!! WE DON'T LIKE YOU!!!!!!

We Started Out With All Smiles Coloring "Create-A-Pepper" for Chili's Restaurants and Racing Cars!

Ending Our Day With Smiles Too!!!

Stay Tuned To Find Out How You Can Get Your Own Team Ingram T-Shirt Too!!
And Yes, They Were All Smiling And Saying "Cheese" In This Picture!


  1. You're right - none of it is fair. It burns me inside that any child, creature, or person has to endure this. But, I feel like we are all in it together. Through your blog (and through Landan's Facebook page, etc), we are living this with you and we'll find a way to get through it.

    You have always said in your updates that God has a higher plan for us and for our children, and I know you are right. Ingram is lucky to be loved by God, to be loved by his amazing family, and to be loved by all of us around the world who are following his battle and fighting along with him.

    You're an amazing mom and you are taking on this challenge with such grace and openness and warmth. Keep up the good fight. You may not realize it because it's impossible to stop and turn around right now, but you have an army of thousands of us standing right behind you.


  2. I know its not fair! So I will continue to pray for all of you. Ashley, as a mom I say a special prayer for you. You are a wonderful mom. Hang in there.