Thursday August 23rd, Record Breaking Visitors!!

Oh it was sooooo early this morning when I had to wake up Ingram to head to St. Jude to start our day out in Nuclear Medicine.  The bad thing about being late to the first appointment of the day is that it would mean that our other 4 visits to the lab would be rearranged as well...But we weren't late!  We were there on time and even were able to go to the cafeteria between the first two appointments.  However, racing back and forth to the lab all day made for a long day of checking the time especially since there was so much fun stuff to do in between our appointments!

The first extra of the day was that Cinderella and Prince Charming came to visit St. Jude today and brought along crafts for the kids to do.  Unfortunately, Prince Charming forgot to bring along some boy crafts so Ingram and his other guy friends made pink and purple princess crowns for their "sisters."  I say sisters loosely because Ingram ended up putting his name on his crown (but at least he didn't wear it!). 

The second extra was seeing Rockey the Rockin Redbird and several of the Memphis Redbirds Baseball team!  It was so much fun and the guys were so great talking to the kids, signing autographs, and taking pictures too.  They were even laughing at Ingram as he was telling them how he plays baseball in the front yard and that he got new shoes that make him go fast and that he could beat them in a race.  For some reason, it's always about competition!

The third extra was that Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner of the Chicago White Sox, was at St. Jude today and Ingram got to meet him.  Frank Thomas, also from the Chicago White Sox, was there.  Ingram got stood next to him for a picture and was talking to him and looked soooo tiny; his biceps were bigger than Ingram's head!  Jeff Nelson from the New York Yankees was there and he was huge too.  At one point, Ingram was standing in between the two of them and he looked extra small!  Between the three of these guys, they have 11 World Championships, 6 All-Star Appearances, 2 AL MVP's, and a Homerun Derby Championship, but the best thing in my opinion is that they came to St. Jude to see the kids.  These guys were great though and were cracking up at all the things Ingram was telling them.  They even said "Cheese" with Ingram during their picture, but of course, Ingram held it out the longest!

Ingram's counts were looking okay today and the knot/cut on the top of his head was better.  He was able to get his butterfly out and he was so excited about that; it had been in since Friday and that also meant no "bathtubs" since last Thursday night.  The first thing he did after the girls got home was to jump in the pool; of course, it was freezing cold so he swam as fast as he could to the steps to get out.  He did play in the water again, but I think he's going to need a little coaxing to get him to swim around until it warms up at some point.  After that, we headed to soccer practice for Madison then a soccer game for Lindsey to end out our night.  He's sleeping sound right now after another fun filled day at St. Jude!

Ingram And Rockey The Rockin Redbird

Ingram and Jerry Reinsdorf

Ingram with Frank Thomas and Jeff Nelson

Oh Wee It's Cold In Here!


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  1. I don't know any of those baseball players (though I am impressed by them nonetheless). But Cinderella and Prince Charming... talk about celebrities!