Friday August 3rd, Emotional Roller Coasters

Our emotions have been all over the place for some time now and why should I think today is going to be any different.  First thing this morning, Ingram got his port accessed and we were thinking it was just going to be for today so no big deal.  He had labs drawn and afterwards he played the cutest penguin game with his Speech Therapist Mrs. Angela. 

We had just enough time to run upstairs and see our buddy Landan (and his sister Ellie) who was admitted last night to begin his first round of chemo today.  The boys were so glad to see each other and I was also so glad to see Carrie and Ed and give them hugs.  We went through radiation together for several weeks and we both had time off before starting the next stage of our treatment.  They just received the news  yesterday that Landan had a new tumor the size of a golf ball and they were going to start his chemotherapy right away.  Seeing them was bittersweet as we were excited to see them, but at the same time, my heart was breaking for them.  I just ask that you keep Landan and his family in your prayers. 

After we saw them, we went to our clinic to get our lab results but instead got a phone call from G-Mommy that Madison has Croup and that she is contagious!  Soooo not what I wanted to hear after her being at a swimming party the day before and especially not what I wanted to hear with Ingram having a supressed immune system.  So some medicine, a mask, and a lot of space is what both our regular pediation and our St. Jude doctors have ordered.

So the next set of news is that Ingram's counts are still dropping and is need of a blood tranfusion and possibly even another platelet transfusion.  And we really don't have time for this today; we were supposed to be done at the hospital by 11am and now we've got a second 3 hour visit to the medicine room to have a blood transfusion.  The funny thing is that you'd think Ingram would be look bad and have no energy needing blood and all, but that's not the case!  Ingram was running around the medicine room waiting area like a kid who's had a steady diet of sugar and that's not the case either; he had mini muffins, chex mix,  and gatorade for breakfast!  I make a few phone calls and rearrange all our plans for the day and we head into the medicine room for Ingram's transfusion and our nurse has a Batman shirt on and Ingram did too; he was even more hyper once he saw his shirt!!

Finally we headed home and Ingram was still talking non-stop when we were trying to get everyone in bed.  By the time we got him changed and ready to put him in bed, he was literally walking in circles in the kitchen talking to Craig about absolutely nothing.  After we sang and said prayers in his bed, he was telling me what all we were going to do tomorrow and in what order we were going to do it in.  That little joker is like the Energizer Bunny!

Ingram and Landan...Bald Buddies!
Today's lunch order...
Ingram will have grilled cheese, cheddar on wheat, double cut please, french fries, and a lemon-lime gatorade.
Oh and we'll take a side of blood please! 
It's hanging at the top right of the picture and after lunch he took a nap which was oh so nice!

Madison's looking pretty sweet in her mask as we went to pick up Lindsey from yet another birthday party.
She'll be the first one to tell you it's no fun wearing a mask!


  1. A message from Texas: have a good weekend. My favorite movie is Cars 2. My favorite character from Cars 2 is Finn McMissile. My favorite food is muffins. I like to swim. I'm in level 2 at swim class now. I'm 4. Bye!

  2. ps - keep fighting the good fight! We're all with you!
    -All of the Zubillers