Wednesday August 29th, Rough Day

The beginning of today was great for me personally.  After my girls went to school, I went for a run while my Mom was at home with Ingram.  It had been a while since my last run and all I could think about was jumping in the pool when I was finished to cool off, even at 9am; the pool water was great!  Then since we had the day off from SJ and Mom was here, I met up with several girls for lunch just to catch up.  We all agreed that it was good for all of us to get together and realize that we all need time to get away even if it's just lunch and talk for a bit.  Ingram even got a short nap before he went back up to Craig's office, Vining Sparks, to shave another huge head of hair!  Britton wasn't there when Ingram shaved the others and so today was his day; I think it was extra special because we've known Britton and Teresa for about 14 years now and for him to cut his hair is a big deal1

Then, while we were still at Craig's office, our day took an ugly turn as we got the message that Landan, Ingram's first friend at St. Jude, "went to be with his Heavenly Father today."  This is very hard for us to handle.  God gives us grace for the current moment but it's only what is needed for that situation.  Looking at Carrie and Ed right now, it's obvious that God is pouring His Grace on them to get through this time and we just don't see how they're doing it.

Can We Say Appetite Stimulant??

Ingram Has Some Style

Ingram and Britton


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