Tuesday July 31st, Ugh...Transfusion

Today Mommy and Ingram had to go to St. Jude super early so me and Lindsey stayed home until our babysitter got to the house.  Our babysitter took us to school registration and we saw a ton of our friends.  We had a blast running around the school seeing everyone and are so excited about our teachers for this year.  I'll be in 5th Grade and have Mr. Bozeman  for my homeroom teacher and Lindsey will be in 3rd and has Mrs. Berry.  It's going to be a great year!!

Meanwhile Mommy and Ingy were at St. Jude having appointments and checking labs and found out Ingram would need a transfusion and it took forever.  He only had to have a platelet transfusion and not a blood transfusion knocking it to only a 3 hour transfusion instead of a 6 hour one.

We went swimming with our babysitter since it was taking a long time and had so much fun.  When Ingram and Mommy got done, they came to pick us up.  Ingy got to swim in his underwear for a few minutes in the steps then we headed home to be as crazy as ever! 


Ingram chilling out in his bed after a game of M & M's racecars on the Wii with his platelets hanging.
We decided that since we couldn't figure out how to play it, we'd just watch a movie instead.
Luckily that turned into naptime!!

There's nothing like swimming with sisters!
Sure can't wait for our pool to get done...HINT HINT!!

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  1. Way to go, Ingram! You're the toughest kid I know. Tough, like Superman.

    Love Z.