2012 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend- Part 1

As some of you may know, Craig and I ran the Half Marathon last year together and raised money for St. Jude by signing up to be a St. Jude Hero. Our girls wanted to run the 5k last year but we didn't have enough time to get them ready and signed up before it started. I think they told us the week before the race and we said we would run it with them next year. Well next year is here and it's a totally different ball game our family!

Several of you have asked if we're going to have a team to honor Ingram for the race weekend and the answer is absolutely yes!!! We have a meeting next week with the folks at St. Jude about fundraising and our team with Madison and Lindsey (since they're heading it up) and will be able to pass along more details then. In the meantime, because the race is filling up quickly go ahead and sign up for the race. Do not sign up for a team yet. We will get you on Ingram's team after our meeting next Wednesday. Our family will be running the 5k together and we would love for everyone to join us as a family, couples, individuals, or whatever in either the 5k, the half marathon, or the full marathon. The girls are already in the process of recruiting kids for the team and they're really excited to start raising money for St. Jude; and, I heard that Madison has a pretty hefty dollar amount she's planning to raise that about made my jaw hit the floor!

With that in mind, go ahead and sign up for the race. Send us an email to let us know you want to be on the team and we will get you on it next week. So... as we say in the Dismuke house, "Get A Move On!"


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