Monday May 7th, Ugh...Monday

Oh, why do we have to have Mondays??  The whole Dismuke house overslept this morning!!  I think we had so much fun this weekend that it was just impossible to get up and out the door on time.  I'm just thankful that we didn't have to wake our kids up at 6am today unlike our friends who we saw at the lake! Ingram was the only one that got a nap of sorts during the day, and even that got interrupted by the nurses in the recovery room saying "Ingram, you ready for your apple juice?" After he was able to drink some juice, we rolled out in the wagon and he just watched the ceiling while he almost fell asleep on the way to the cafeteria.  Apparently a warm blanket and pillow was a little more exciting than food; well, at least for a few minutes!

His tastes have changed a little bit since the start of all this and he didn't even want ice cream today.  The first thing he said was that he wanted macaroni and the crazy thing is that he's not even a fan of macaroni. I went ahead and got it and got myself a grilled chicken sandwich and of course tator tots for Ingram.  We started to eat and saw a couple friends as they were coming through the cafeteria which is always fun.  It's nice to hang out with Ingram and hear some of the silly things he says coming out of sedation; but it's also nice to have friends that work for St. Jude stop and sit and talk for a few minutes.  They see what we're going through and they get to talk to other patients, so it's as if they understand what we're feeling. I know it's weird, but them being in the environment everyday and really understanding the whole process and knowing the language is comforting.  Talking with other parents whose children are going through the treatment is definitely good.  It amazes me every time I meet another family that no matter how different we are, we're really so much the same.  As I sat today while Ingram was back in radiation, I just got overwhelmed at how my family had grown from the five of us to a number I can't even count.  I guess it's a good thing that God is in control and He is big enough to keep up with all of His children.

Yummy Yummy Apple Juice!

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