Friday May 4th, Visiting Daddy's Office

We had a great day at St. Jude; I guess you could say a great half-day!  We were out by lunchtime because we only had radiation today.  We got in and got out so quickly that Ingram's butterfly flew away too!  In case you're wondering, the butterfly is what our Child Life Specialist calls the needle and tubing they use to access his port.  Ever since they put it in on Wednesday, he's been asking when it comes out.  It doesn't hurt him being in, but he does remember the poke he got when they put it in.  So thankfully when he woke up from his sedation and treatment, Finn McMissile had already flown away.  Oh, so in case you don't know that name, he's one of the secret agents in Cars 2 and also is the name of Ingram's butterfly.  Ingram is already in the process of naming his next butterfly.  I think he's going to be a bad guy next time, maybe even the Professor who is from Cars 2.

Since we got out early and knew we wouldn't make it to the girls' school in time for lunch, we decided to take lunch to Daddy at work.  We had so much fun seeing all the Vining folks and even though Ingram got shy towards the end of our visit, he was talking about it the whole way home.  He got a sucker not only for himself, but also got a sucker for each of his girls, a toy of some sort that can fly once he lets it go (which still hasn't happened, he held it the whole way home), and a Thomas the Train pillow.  He is definitely feeling the love!!

I can't say "Thank You" enough to all the folks praying for Ingram and for our family.  We have been completely surrounded by prayers and would not be able to do this without our faith in God and all of you praying and supporting the five of us.  Our girls are starting to show a little "wear and tear" and they just don't want their little brother to be sick.  Would all of you mind saying a special prayer for Madison and Lindsey to have a level of understanding and comfort that can only come from our Heavenly Father?  As their Mom, I want to fix it all and make all three of them better right now!  But I can't do that; this is the journey we have and we know that God will give us enough grace to handle each day.  And we pray that He would use our journey for His glory.

Chilling Out Blowing Bubbles with Beau!


  1. God is so good all the time and funny some times. As soon as I finished reading this email I opened up my verse of the day. It was Phil 4:6 & 7.....I do pray that the Peace of God will transcend all that is going on esp in the minds and hearts of the girls.
    Grace and Peace,
    Leslie Brock

  2. i had fun looking for his golf ball and trying to break into the garage on friday!! what a sweet sweet boy!!

    all our prayers and love,
    the bus buddies!