Saturday and Sunday May 12th and 13th, Cold and Rainy

We headed to the lake again this weekend and were able to spend two nights at a friends lake house and it was amazing!  It was cold when we got there and cold when we left AND rained more on than off during the 48 hours.  But we were at the lake to play in the water and we weren't about to let a little storm get in our way.  Our girls each had a friend with us for part of the time and then our family stopped by for part of the second day to celebrate Mother's Day too.  So like last weekend, I think the pictures are better than my words so here goes...

Friday Night Dinner at Craig's Favorite Road Trip Place...Dairy Queen!


The Dynamic Duo!!

"NOOOOO!  Not Head First!!!"

Watch Out Daddy!!

The Whole Crew Minus Craig

Yep...Tubing In The Rain!

Mothers Day Breakfast Was The Best!!

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