Thursday May 3rd, Ice Cream!

Our day started out early with us having to leave the house by 7:15am for an 8:15 radiation appointment.  I definitely am not complaining since yesterday was a 2pm sedation.  Ingram did well again with the radiation itself, but the sleepy drugs weren't the best.  The Anesthesiologist is going to try a different "sleepy cocktail" in the morning and see if he has an easier time getting sedated.  The whole process is still a little scary for him so they're going to work on making him less scared when everything starts to happen.  

One of the more exciting things that has been happening with Ingram is that he is willingly taking his medicine.  He's actually swallowing his medicine when I give it to him at home and at the hospital.  He always says it's yucky so we break it up with a sip of juice or gatorade and thankfully he keeps it down.  He even is doing a better job at St. Jude when nurses or doctors come near his port and tubing.  He actually helped draw his labs today and was very excited when he broke one of the needles and his blood squirted out.  It was great; maybe now his future career is between a doctor (from putting a port in his lion) and now a special effects guru.

He also had fun at Physical Therapy but decided when he had enough and wanted to stop.  It's pretty funny though how he can figure out when we're trying to trick him into doing his actual therapy.  For instance, we were bowling on the floor but the pins were up on the set of stairs.  He has to go up the steps (does fine here) to pick up the pins and then goes back down the steps (struggles here) to set them up.  After the second day we did this, he did a double take and looked at us like we were crazy for putting the pins on the steps when we were clearly bowling on the ground.  I guess it wasn't too bad because he begs and begs from the minute we get out of the car to the minute that we leave to go to the gym and play.

Speaking of fun, we were on the way into the cafeteria for lunch and he looked at me and looked to the side then yelled ICE CREAM!!!  I told him that after lunch we'll get some ice cream but we need real food first. He asked again in a much sweeter voice if we could have ice cream for lunch so I started thinking.  So here's my logic, he's lost weight already and he's not always hungry.  He's really hungry and he already had some breakfast and chex mix after his sedation.  Then I looked at the ice cream and it looked really good and I love ice cream WE HAD ICE CREAM FOR LUNCH!!!  It was so yummy and he told everyone that we were having lunch.  One set of folks tried to correct him and tell him it was ice cream and he looked at them like they were nuts and said "No, it's my lunch!"  Who could argue with him??

So you know how we had our family pictures taken Tuesday night before his first treatment Wednesday morning?  We got a peak at some of the pictures and wanted to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy pictures and the words of encouragement that Julie has left.

Ingram Is Still A Little Tired After Radiation Sedation and Treatment!
So What Better Way To Recover Than Chilling Out In The Wagon Watching Cars 2?

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  1. Ice cream for lunch is the best idea ever. You go, kiddo.

    -Love Z.