Tuesday May 30th, Marshmallows!

Sooooooo our day turned out to be super long because of a silly little marshmallow!!!  Ingram decided to eat a marshmallow on the way out of the house this morning even though he knows that he's not supposed to eat before we leave.  I told him twice that he could eat after he wakes up at the hospital but that he could have some apple juice.  We were about to head out the door and I went back into the bedroom to put something up and then came out and saw it...the pantry door was halfway open, the marshmallow bag was fully open, and Ingram's mouth was full.  "Spit it out!!!" but it was too late.

Needless to say, our sedation/radiation was moved from 9am all the way till 2pm for a silly little marshmallow.  I promise you at first it was funny and we just were laughing about it, but by noon, when we're both super hungry and know that we still have 2 hours left, it was not funny at all.  We sat in the car and I made phone calls while he watched a movie and calmed down.  I think he would have gone to sleep if I'd been driving around town.  We were going to run an errand, but I decided that I just didn't want to get out so we stayed in the car and he was happy and I got stuff done.

His rash was better by the time we went into radiation but when he came out it was worse than ever.  We're treating it with a cream, but it just looks so bad; the good thing is that it doesn't seem to bother him at all.  He was a little more shy today than he's been before, but then again today didn't go as it had before either.

Once we got home, the girls were already off to their friends houses for the night so we just went on a walk with Beau.  Ingram is pretty good at riding his bike now and rode all the way down the street to visit friends and actually peddled the whole way and back which is a pretty good distance.

We have 13 more radiation days and we're hoping that they all happen first thing in the morning like they're planned.  Having gotten through 20 sedation days without a snag is pretty amazing, so I'm not complaining one bit.  As Craig's mom said today, we don't do things normal; we like to add a little spice to our lives!

Since Ingram Had To Wait Till 3pm For Food,
I Got His Favorite Snack That He Eats With Daddy!

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  1. We're totally with you on the marshmallow, Ingram. We'd have them for breakfast, too, if we could. ;-)
    Love and Texas