Wednesday May 23rd, We Need Help for Team Ingram!!!!

We had a great day today, especially since Madison, Lindsey, and Craig came to St. Jude!!!!  Ingram had so much fun showing his girls around and showing off his dancing moves too.  You see, once he was awake enough after radiation, he didn't want to ride around in the wagon.  Instead he wanted to run through the halls of the hospital with his girls showing them this and that and eating ice cream.

As far as the official meeting, the girls did great and the guys at St. Jude and we were so proud of them.   We also set the team up on the St. Jude Marathon website.  We really want to do Team Ingram in conjunction with Craig's company's team, Team Vining.  We raised money for the hospital with them last year and it was so rewarding.  His company loves St. Jude and has really embraced the opportunity they have to support it financially.  They have raised more for St. Jude than any other team each of the last two years.  And the Team Captain, Mark Allen, is great at organizing people so we can rely on him to help with the logistics of all of these things.

So Team Ingram is officially going to be a part of Team Vining.  When you register for the race, SIGN UP FOR TEAM INGRAM.  All Team Ingram participants will get a Team Ingram/Team Vining t-shirt and a wristband inspired by Ingram's love of wristbands!  We want to raise as much support for the work going on at St. Jude in honor of our little man!  If you have half a desire to try out the 5k, PLEASE join us.  We need all the help we can get.

The bottom line though is to register NOW as an individual and hopefully as a hero too, and sign up for Team Ingram.  

So once again, "Get your move on" and email us once you register so we can keep you all posted!

The Dismuke Crew Never Turns Down Chocolate Ice Cream!!

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