Monday May 14th, Butterfly Invasion!

Today was the dreaded "access" day with a new butterfly getting poked into his port (also known as his lion).  Since the days of sedation haven't been getting any easier, I decided to have everything done today with him sitting in my lap instead of laying in the bed.  It did go much better than the first time he was accessed and he only cried for a short time rather than the whole time.  However, I have no idea who the kid is that woke up in Ingram's body today because I've never seen him act like he did today.  He was acting so awful that I just started laughing because I couldn't believe it and I couldn't do anything about it.  It took about 2 hours for him to turn back to normal but ohhhh those may have been the longest two hours of my life!!!  You will all be pleased to know that this week Ingram's butterfly is a good guy instead of a bad guy; he named him Lightning McQueen and says that he's super fast now.

Once we were headed home he was so excited to get Beau back from the kennel; and likewise Beau was so excited to see us.  Lindsey was super excited too when she got off the bus and Beau met her in the yard; he jumped all over her, knocked her down, and gave her non-stop kisses outside and in the house.  Even Madison was happy to see him and that's saying something since she normally runs from him!

Ingram wanted to go to the girls' soccer game tonight and had a fun time playing with his friend too.  Then once we were back home, it was the normal routine of dinner, showers, homework, and Beau putting Ingram to bed.  Well I guess it's not really normal since the kids didn't make it to bed till almost 10 and Ingram's not sleeping upstairs still; but they're all asleep nonetheless!

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  1. Sounds like a rough day, but you handled it so well. Laughter is the best solution (well, that and a giant glass of wine). And don't feel bad about his wonky behavior - every now and then someone replaces my normal 4 year old with some sort of demon creature. Luckily I get him back each time.