Thursday May 17th, Long Day

Well it's almost 11:30pm right now and all is not quiet yet at the Dismuke house!  We had a long day at the hospital followed by a fun time at the soccer field.  Ingram played with a friend the whole time running around with an airplane or a soccer ball.  When they weren't running around, they were on the blanket playing on iPhones, trading back and forth for different games.  Everyone there couldn't believe how well he was doing and how much energy he still had.  I think that sometimes myself because he's like the Energizer bunny and keeps going and going and going till he finally just crashes...which tonight was about 10:30pm!  I have a feeling we're going to be running late tomorrow to both school and the hospital.

I guess a really simple thing to pray for about Ingram is that he will start to gain weight instead of losing it.  He has 21 more radiation treatments and it's likely that his appetite will be affected more so we're really wanting to get on top of this weight thing before he starts chemo in the middle of July.  He's eating more than he was last week, but he is just not gaining weight.  He's lost 2 total pounds since all this started Tuesday April 3rd and just since last Thursday he's down 2 ounces.  Craig and I have been noticing his bones more lately, but now the girls are starting to mention it too.  Poor little guy is trying but it seems as though once we're on a roll, he throws up a few times and then it like we're taking a few steps backwards and trying to make up for it is difficult.  So that's my prayer request for now...that my little man would beef up a little.

You Have Got To Love The Great Outdoors On A Pretty Day Like Today!

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