Saturday and Sunday May19th and 20th, Taking a Break!

What a fun weekend we had!  It started out on a fabulous note with us sleeping till after 8am and that hasn't happened since March I think.  Well, the girls were awake in the den watching cartoons, but at least the three of us were still asleep because they were being extra quiet and our door was closed.  But, I've got to say the best thing was after Ingram went to the restroom for the first time Saturday morning then climbed up onto our bed and laid on top of Craig for about 10 minutes just hugging his neck.  Craig could barely breathe because he was all the way up to his neck, but he didn't care because it was just snuggle time for the boys and they rarely get that!  It made my heart happy and I know his heart happy too!

We stayed home from the lake this weekend and did a lot of random things at home and Ingram helped with everything.  He picked out a doggie door for Beau, chased Beau with a bat, hit Beau with a bat, helped paint a door, helped cut the hedges, then helped raked the clippings, told everyone else what to do, watched some "Scooby Dooby Doo Where Are You" and even took a nap.  We went swimming where he proceeded to shoot everyone with a water gun; I'm not sure if the Stanley Steemer guy thought it was funny or not though since he was in regular clothes, but he smiled nonetheless.  He had a busy Saturday for sure and enjoyed all of it!  The girls had a fun Saturday too and went to "My Big Backyard" and of course had Chic Fil A for lunch.  They also had fun swimming and going down the slide at our friends pool.  They had Ingram at the top of the slide at one point, but when it came time to let go, he promptly decided he'd rather go down the steps than down into the water.  Oh well, at least he got to swim in the water and have fun just like a normal kid!

Sunday he played in his classroom at church and was so glad to see all his friends!  His girls stayed in the room with him and "helped" while we went into the service; I guess it makes me a little more at ease knowing that they're back there with him since his moods can change rather quickly and they can help comfort him when he's upset.  One of his favorite gals brought him a box of Cars stickers and he had a whole sheet on his shirt by the time we left for lunch.

Danger Zone!!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Tell Ingram Texas says Hi. :-)