Saturday May 5th, Roarrrrrrrrr!

We had a super fun Saturday as a family!  Poor little Ingram has been wanting hashbrowns all week long but hasn't been able to eat in the mornings because of the sedation and radiation.  So we got tons of hashbrowns, eggs, biscuits, pancakes, and of course butter, ketchup, and napkins to start our big breakfast feast on the way to the Memphis Zoo.  About 5 minutes later, it happened...Ingram started throwing up (we've learned to keep bags around thankfully) and suddenly our breakfast didn't look so appetizing.  You can use your imagination as to what the girls were doing in the back row while this is going on too!  After that was all over, I stayed in the seat next to Ingram in case it happened again, but apparently he thought I was there to hand him another hashbrown.  That little stinker didn't let it phase him and ate another whole hashbrown in record time.

We made it to the Zoo and had a blast!  We saw the new dinosaur exhibit and it was so much fun.  The dinosaurs were huge and moved and made these loud noises too.  Ingram doesn't like loud noises anymore so he covered his ears a lot but was still running around looking at all the dinosaurs, watching the girls get spit on by one of the dinosaurs, and digging for bones in the sand.  Apparently one of the dinosaurs was misbehaving because for some reason both Ingram and Craig are spanking it!  The Zoo had two more new things so of course when we heard about them, the begging began!  We all fed giraffes and the kids rode camels!  They had so much fun and now I'm the only one that hasn't ridden a camel since Craig rode them in Egypt and Jordan last year.  After the zoo, we went out to lunch at Chic Fil A because we were all starving and then headed to the ice cream store for some yummy self serve ice cream!   I love these kind of days!!

Gitty Up Dinosaur!!!

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