Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Memorial Weekend!!

We had a great weekend!!  We left town for a the long weekend and headed to the lake with our family.  Ingram felt great all weekend long and everyone had a fantastic time at the lake.

Ingram (and everyone else) had plenty to eat and we're hoping that he gained weight over the long weekend since it seemed as though he had his regular appetite back.  While he was still extrememly fond of Cheetohs, he ate more chicken this weekend than he has in quite a long time!  Of course while we're excited with everything Ingram ate, I think the rest of us are dreading adding up all the snacks we ate on the boat in addition to the regular meals we had!

Ingram took a long nap one day at the hotel and the next day took a short nap on the boat like he did all last summer.  I have to admit, I love it when he falls asleep on the boat because it's usually my lap he's sleeping in!  He rode his bike, swam in the water, shot his water guns at everyone, rode the tube (which is a first), and took his favorite position in Craig's lap driving the boat.

I think this weekend he was the only kid out of all 5 that drove the boat so he thought he was pretty special.  By the end of the second day, Ingram decided that he wanted to ride the tube just like his girls.  But in true Dismuke style, he didn't want Mommy or his Aunt Amye to ride with him.  I finally talked him into letting Aunt Amye ride with him but then he told her once they were going that "Big boys don't need Mommy's with them" and as you can see in the picutres, he ended up on the tube with just his cousin Brett (who turned 7 Saturday while we were there) and then with his girls and both cousins.

Saturday Afternoon's Water Gun War Is About To Be Waged!
The Bad Part Is That We Were Down To One Working Water Gun And Ingram Had It!
We Left The Rest Of The Water Guns In The Boat Box.
Daddy And Ingram Hanging Out In Their Floats!
Ingram's Favorite Spot!  Notice His Hand On The Throttle About To Go Faster!!!
We Are So Proud Of Our Little Man!
This Is His First Time Riding On The Tube. 
"Big Boys Don't Need Mommy's!"
All Five Cousins Tubing For The First Time Together!
Check Out Ingram Peeking Around Brett On The Right Side.
Finishing The Second Day With Smiles All Around!

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