Tuesday May 15th, Short and Sweet!

Sedation/Radiation started at 8:45am and I was planning to wake little man up by 7:45am to head out the door if he wasn't up by then.  He woke up at 7:35 and peeked out of the room with the cutest little smile on his face to start our day.  You see it doesn't take long to get ready when you can't eat or drink before you leave; since he was going to the hospital just to sleep, he said he wanted to stay in his pajamas.  We love pajama days here at the Dismuke house, even if we go out in public in them!

He did not want me to undo his tape on McQueen this morning but he finally let me and then he let our nurse clean it, get his red water out, and then hook up his line.  Granted he was crying a little during it, but at least he wasn't yelling, screaming, and kicking!  After that was done (it literally took maybe 1 minute once I had him untaped), we added to today's sticker page and started making shark faces at everyone sending them away in terror.  We played for a few minutes then everyone came in to start but instead of crying, he kept making shark faces at them all then went back to playing on my phone.  The whole time he was in my lap again and I've decided that's the way we're going to do the last of our 23 radiation treatments.  That's right...we have an end in sight and we'll start counting down once we flip the calendar to June.  

The good thing is that I knew the boy who woke up this morning in the recovery room!  LIKE yesterday, he woke up when they were taking off the EKG stickers so that is most likely why he was upset.  UNLIKE yesterday, I calmed him down and he drank his normal 2 cups of apples juice then we left and went upstairs happily but still oh so groggy.  He rested in my lap in a warm blanket, ate a huge pancake, and finished his 3rd cup of juice while he watched a whole Power Rangers episode on my phone.

We headed home and he was acting normal by then and ate a whole plate of chicken fries then we took Beau for a walk before his nap.  I figured I'd try to get him down since his sedation was so early and short and it worked!  We also went to the park for about 3 hours and played with friends at a birthday party and had so much fun.  I love days like these and at 10pm, all the kids were finally in bed.  Our teachers are not going to give us the "most helpful parent" award since bedtimes seem to be getting later and later and school is still going on!  We were just all having too much fun and it took longer to get everything else done at home, but then again these days are not the same as they used to be for any of us.  Tomorrow will hopefully be an earlier bedtime for the whole house...I'm hoping!

Beau Is Such A Lazy Puppy That He Was Ready For A Break...
Before We Got To The End Of The Driveway!

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