Sunday May 6th, Lake Day!!

Hello everyone!  This weekend has been the best and I can't wait for you all to see what we did today.  Craig loaded up the back of the car before we left for church in hopes of Ingram feeling good so that he could do one of his favorite things...driving the boat!  Ever since we had our last day at the lake in September, he's been steadily asking us when we're going back to the lake.  Our answer is always "when it gets warmer" and now it's not just warm, but it's HOT!  So instead of writing about our day, I figured it would be more fun to show you...

Better Watch Out!  I'm Going To Get You!!!!

Madison Wants to Enter a Kneeboard Competition!

Lindsey's Following Her Sister's Footsteps and Rocking the Kneeboard Too!

Ingram is the Designated Dismuke Boat Driver for the Summer.

I Love My Mommy!!

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