Tuesday May 22nd, The Good And The Not-So-Good

Unlike yesterday, sedation/radiation went fairly well with only a small amount of fussing on part of Ingram because in his words "I still don't like that sleepy medicine!"  He helped his nurse do everything just like normal and then we hid the tubing behind the blanket so that he didn't see it.  For some reason, when he can see the line hanging it just upsets him, so we hide it and move along.  So that's the first part of the "good" of our day.

Things were running a little slower in the back because a new computer system was being introduced today and it was slowing down our doctor; in the back of my mind I was worried that Ingram wasn't going to be asleep before all the pancakes were gone and to him that would have been bad.  So once he was asleep that was my mission...run to get his pancake in the cafeteria and get back before he woke up.  While we were waiting for our turn and the boys were playing in the playroom, I was catching up with another mom about their weekend and we were joking about all the things our boys "need" to have to be comfortable.   Pancakes and apple juice are Ingram's comfort (at least this week) but her son doesn't really start eating till later in the day when he's sedated.  She was so worried that I wouldn't get out in time that she got Ingram's pancake and had it waiting for us just in case it took a long time.  Sweet huh?  That was the second "good" of our day.

This family is going through a tough spot right now and they just received news that there were 4 new spots on their sons MRI that they're not happy about.  They're switching to a different type of radiation and are somewhat uneasy about it.  I told them that our family would be praying specifically for him and would share it with our friends as well.  He's 3 and a half, is the first case of this particular tumor St. Jude has seen, and are from out of town.  Another family is also having some new "irritations" from the radiation and would appreciate the prayers also.  He's 4, is a little fireball just like Ingram, and is from out of town too.  Our third little guy is all set to be finishing radiation this week and he's 3 and a half too, has our type of tumor, and is from out of town.  They all are at the same house while they're in town and I'm planning to take the whole crew down and let them all meet each other and play soon and everyone is super excited about it.  If all four of these boys are having a good day at the same time, you better watch out because they get wild and crazy;  and if they're all having a bad day at the same time, you do not want to be around!

So that was our friends 'Not-so-good' news and now it's time for our not so good news.  It's not bad, it's just earlier than we expected for changes to be happening.  Ingram has labs drawn every Thursday just to keep a check of everything and today we had labs drawn again and had an appointment scheduled after that to go over everything.  None of the other gals knew what it was about so I was a little more than curious about the whole deal.  Once we got to our second appointment, we got filled in on everything and there's a remedy for it too.  A specific count is down lower than the doctors want for Ingram and puts him at risk for a certain types of infections, specifically for pneumonia that has to do with the particular cell family that is down.  Overall, his counts are okay and he's healthy (other than the fact that he has cancer) so we are not on any precautions as of now.  He will have to take medicine for three days twice a day every week until they tell us to stop and that's it.  On the upside, Ingram has now started giving himself his stomach medicine by himself each time (3x a day) so I'm hoping he will do this medicine in the same little man style.  The only possible down-side of this new medicine is that it is in the sulfur family so it's going to have a horrible after-taste I presume and I don't want it to be a major setback in our whole medicine routine.

So if you don't mind, please pray for our friends and please pray for Ingram, his counts, his new medicine that starts tomorrow (every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday).

Nothing Tastes Better Than "Ingram The Conqueror" In A Cookie Cake!

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