Tuesday May 8th, It's a Race

Sedation and radiation started out our day as usual and the whole process went much smoother today.  Instead of crying off and on in our little prep room while we're waiting for our turn in the back, Ingram did much better!  He actually was "at the party" and playing with his trains until it was time to get sedated.  Our doctor gave his a little cocktail to help with the 30 minute wait and his anxiety about the sleepy medicine.  Once his medicine was being pushed, I was holding him close and singing "Jesus Loves Me" as he drifted off in a much more laid back mode.  It looks as if we've found a better way to start out his sedation sessions in a calmer manner; an unexpected bonus was that he woke up easy just like before the addition of the medicine which made me feel better about the whole thing.  

The highlight of his day as usual was Physical Therapy!  This is his gal's last week there and he told her "I'll miss you cause I like you.  I like to play baseball and basketball and golfballs with you."  Then in his next breathe, he asked who was going to play with him next;  it was cute because we were both like "Aww, he 's so sweet" then started laughing as he asked about her replacement.  Guess it's all about who he's going to play with next!  He actually rode a bike today which is a first; I'm thinking he might be wanting a Spiderman or McQueen bike pretty soon; but he really liked these little scooters that are in the video below where he's racing his PT gal down a super long hallway...and back.

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