Friday May 18th, We LOVE Fridays!

It was extra exciting in the Radiation Clinic today as one of our new friends had his last radiation session! They've been anticipating this day for so long and it was finally here; but the funny thing was once it was over, they lingered around for at least an hour telling everyone goodbye because they were leaving for two weeks before starting antibody treatments.  We have 20 sessions left and I can only imagine how we're going to feel when it's our turn.

Today went well at the hospital for Ingram but when he got home, he just didn't feel real good; luckily a little nap takes care of a lot of problems at our house...even for Mommy!  We woke up right as the girls were getting home from school and had another surprise at the house, Mr. David.  Well, he's only "Mr." to the kids and they were so excited to see him.  He's just like another kid around the house and the kids just love him.  He lived with us a few summers back when I was pregnant with Ingram and did a summer internship and has been a part of the family ever since.

Of course he came bearing a "beat me up ball" for Ingram.  Technically it's called a "Hopper" ball and has Lightning McQueen on it, but Ingram quickly turned it into a weapon and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening beating everyone with it.  When it got taken away by one of the girls or by Mr. David, he just went and got his nerf gun full of bullets and went crazy with it.  It was great!

Ingram and Mr. David

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