Wednesday May 2nd, Firsts and Crazies

Today we did many things for the first time, including Radiation, which was the last thing of the day. We started out our day in the Dental Clinic with none other than Dr. Chris Rowland, whom you might recognize form the beginning of our journey.  Except this time, Ingram wasn't as excited to see him for some reason.  He must have his Daddy's dislike for having his "pockets checked" in his dental visit because he sure didn't want to climb up in the chair even with a TV playing above his head.  Finally he got his teeth "counted" and checked and we were happy to know that they were all there.

After dental, we had to track down a line nurse to double check on Ingram's surgery site.  He decided he didn't want his steri-tape on anymore so he took them off.  Since we were getting his "lion" site checked, we went ahead and put on his Magic sauce that numbs his site for when they were going to access his port. Since it was the first time they were going to be putting a needle in it,  we wanted to make sure that it was nice and numb!  Next up, part two of our speech evaluation and he did well, at least up until he told our speech gal that he was done for the day.  So then we headed to Triage to get the port accessed and have labs drawn, but they didn't need to do labs and didn't access his port.  We're just getting used to playing with his port and I guess it's good because it doesn't hurt him and he gets used to it being messed with.

When it was the real deal, he did great.  By the time they called us back, it was 1:15 and he hadn't had anything to eat since 8:30 the night before.  He had apple juice up until 9am and then we had to take that away.  Poor guy was starving and so tired (normal nap time is 1:30) that all of our efforts were really not working to have the port access go smoothly.  Even though the needle was done, the crying lasted for a long time after that and finally I was actually a little happy when they pushed his meds in and he fell asleep at 2pm.  He did great during his first treatment and then woke up hungry as a bear!  He was ready to eat, but had to wake up enough to eat and that took a little bit of extra time for some reason today.  Guess my little man was just tuckered out from such a late start to sedation, and it was happening during his normal naptime, that he just thought he needed more sleep.

Ingram and His Lion Duke Are Resting After the Butterflies Are Put In.

(The following is from Madison)
Now on to the fun stuff! Today my dad came to field day to see me. Our class had breakfast together before school and that got us pretty fired up to win field day.  We dedicated our class effort to Ingram, so everyone had written KID (Keith Ingram Dismuke) on their arms in red, blue, and green markers.  I went crazy and wrote it 11 times!!!!  When my dad saw me he said, "What did you do to yourself girl?"  Our room mom also brought "I" stickers for all of us to wear in honor of Ingram.  We tried our hardest to win, but we lost a few of the events.  In the end, we actually won first place but the coolest thing was that we did it all for Ingram.  It was such a fun and crazy day!


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