Thursday May 10th, A Long Day

We left the house at 8am this morning and left Craig to get the girls off to school; I'm happy to report they were there on time and things (I think) went well.  By the time they were in school, Ingram had already had "The Professor" messed with and had his labs drawn for the day.  We did find out his pre-surgery weight and current weight it is something that they're watching.  He's very excited too because the Professor rides off to jail tomorrow!  After that, it was time for the fun!  We headed to the gym and played with his gal for the last time; Ingram had made a picture that for her and gave her hugs too.  They had fun and played, but Ingram told her that he was done playing 15 minutes into his 30 minutes.

Sedation and Radiation didn't go well again and we're changing things up for tomorrow.  This I think is the hardest thing to deal with right now and we're hoping to get it resolved very soon since we have 5ish weeks left of radiation.  We did some interesting things today that involved mustaches so you'll have to check out Lamby below and see how she looks.  We finished the day out well despite the sedation/radiation drama and not getting home from the hospital till around 5pm.   Leaving at 8am and getting home after 5pm made for a long day, but he was happy when he was home playing with Beau and squirting me with his new set of water guns.

We Love Lamby, But Her Mustasche Has Got To Go!

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