Friday May 25th, Surprise!

This morning Ingram went down in Sedation putting up a fight and I was thinking that he wasn't going to have a good day.  Well, I was wrong!  He woke up happy as he could be and was chatting up his nurses and telling them all the different things he wanted to eat and drink, what he was going to do this weekend, and telling them his butterfly wasn't coming back for a long time.  He's a regular little man of mystery and I never know what he's going to say next.  So we headed on out and went to go get a bite to eat, but his shoes were missing.  First Lamby goes in the laundry and now his shoes walked away;  we headed back downstairs to start the hunt and after all the rooms we were in and out of, his crocs were under his bed in one of the back rooms after they had cleaned it. 

With mismatched crocs on his feet (check them out in the picture below), we ran to the cafeteria because he was actually hungry and I wanted to feed that belly of his.  He ate cheetohs, cheetohs, and more cheetohs; what can I say?  I would eat cheetohs all day if my mom would let me too!  We stopped by Craig's office because I needed to run by the store, but had left my purse at home.  You're all laughing now because I forgot my purse today, but guess what?  Today wasn't the first time that I forgot my purse at home on the way to St. Jude.  I think I get focused on getting Ingram to the hospital and the girls to where they're supposed to go, that some days I'm lucky if I make it out with half of the things I need for the day. 

We finally managed to make it home and then he even took a nap.  Craig brought home a surprise for Ingram and he was so excited about it.  Last night was the first time he really rode a bike other than in physical therapy and he didn't do it that well back then.  He sure flew down our street today on his new set of wheels and had no problem going fast.  It was instead the two of us that had problems keeping up with him since we were walking...well really, Craig went running after him while I walked!

Close Your Eyes!  No Peeking!!

Are You Kidding Me?  I Got A Bike!!

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