Friday May 11th, It's Friday!!!

We walked into the Radiation waiting room with such a big relief that it was Friday.  All the families, our new friends at St. Jude, were happy that we had all made it through another week.  Most of the families were heading home for the weekend to be back first thing Monday morning for treatment.  We are very lucky in that we just drive 35 minutes home instead of having a 3, 5, or 7 hour drive like some of the others.

Sedation didn't go any better today so we're just going to keep rolling with it and do our best each day.  We have a plan in place and I have a feeling that it's going to get better.  We talk about it all the time at home and are still trying to figure out why he gets so upset; he tells he doesn't like the it when they give him the sleepy medicine.  I'm kinda glad he doesn't like the sleepy medicine because some of the other kids say the room starts spinning and the doctors and nurses equate it to being intoxicated.  I just wish he wouldn't like it a little less and not get so upset each day.

We ended our day playing "Wii Car" which is actually Mario Kart, but Ingram insists that it's WiiCar so we just call it that.  It's nice to have a couple days off to hang out as a family and being able to eat as soon as we wake up each day!

"Wee!  I'm Playing Wii Car!"

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