Friday September 14th, Sweet Siblings!

The girls got to go to St. Jude with us today for a lab/clinic visit since they were out of school; of course since nothing is ever as it seems, the 2 hour lab/clinic visit quickly turned out to be a seven and a half hour visit.  Ingram and the girls were excited to be running around the hospital together since they always have to go to school while he's at the hospital.  They helped with his labs then we went into the gift shop for some candy and people watching in the lobby for a while before heading outside for fresh air. 

We walked around in the Danny Thomas Pavilion and Madison gathered information for a school project and then they played tag...around concrete columns on a concrete floor.  Don't worry, though, we had no injuries; there were a few close calls, but they all remained in one piece!  We headed over to the clinic to wait on our results, but they seemed to be taking forever which is indicative of low platelets because they don't do something right in the spinning thing in the lab so they have to get someone to do something else and it takes longer and yada yada yada.  I've been told all the technical stuff relating to platelets but I guess I'm like Madison in that regard that it's just "blah blah blah."  All that to mean, medicine room here we come!!

By the time we got into our room for the transfusion at 3pm, Ingram was so tired that once I put him in the bed with his blanket he fell asleep...even with the girls in the room playing!  I sent the girls to the cafeteria for snacks and when they came back, his transfusion had just started and he was still snoozing away.  A little bit later, they were still hungry so I sent them back to the cafeteria for dinner at 4:30pm.  They were being so sweet that I let them stay in the cafeteria and eat their dinner only to receive the phone call from Madison that went like this..."Hey Mommy!  It's Madison.  We ate all our dinner and we're being really good.  Can we have ice cream?" so of course after a few questions to see if they indeed ate their dinner, they came back to the room with ice cream in their hands and Ingram was getting his butterfly out since we're off till Tuesday. 

Overall, I think they'll be happy to come back to the hospital with us again especially since they got candy, lunch, snacks, dinner, and ice cream; more importantly, they got the freedom to run around the hospital without me chasing them.  Ingram loved having them there too because then he had someone to play and color with while we were there for seven and a half hours!!

Once we got home at 6pm, they went to a University of Memphis Women's Soccer game at the fields where they have their own games!  Instead of going into the stadium to use the restroom, they got to go into the stadium to watch a real college soccer game.  Who knows, maybe after tonight, they'll both be more excited about soccer and start looking towards getting a college scholarship to play soccer.  It's never to early to start dreaming, is it??

I Wish I Had A Recorder During His Lab Visit!!
It Was "Can I..., Can I ..." The Whole Time!
And Sweet Nurse Pam Let Them Help With Every Step And It Took Three Times As Long!

Ingram And Raisinets, Madison And Sour Skittles, Lindsey And Hershey Kisses!!
Bad Combination For A Seven And A Half Hours Hospital Visit!

Five Hours Into The Day And They're Still Playing With Each Other AND Being Nice!

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