Friday September 29th, "Yucky" All The Way To "Yeah!"

Last night wasn't quite as uneventful as we would have liked to put it mildly! Ingram was finally alseep around 11:30pm and had to get checked and changed around 2am; then around 4am I noticed that he was stirring around and making noise.  When I checked on him, his bed and all of his clothes were soaked and he was sooo not a happy camper!  While his bed was getting changed, I changed his clothes and put him on my couch and snuggled him up in my blanket then put him back in his bed. By then it was time for labs to be drawn and so he ended up being wide awake from 4-5 this morning; talk about some serious baggy eyes! 

Once he fell back asleep, he ended up getting up every half hour to use the restroom and then around 8am he decided Mommy needed a jumpstart to the day as he threw up for the first time in the hospital out of all four rounds.  One of the reasons I love SJ is all the wonderful nurses we have; they quickly came in with the needed medicines and then even gave him a second nausea medicine an hour later when he was still complaining about his belly.  Not only do they spend lots of time chatting and having fun with us, they know how to help an exhausted mommy feel better when her baby isn't feeling so hot.  We love this place!

Veronica and Ann Claire brightened our day by coming up for a visit!  Ingram and Ann Claire made glitter glue pictures on the couch since he didn't feel like going to the playroom.  Then G-Mommy came back up and gave her report for last night/this morning with the girls;  I'm proud of them since they were up till around 9:45pm and didn't get grouchy at all when they had to get up for school.  While G-mommy was in the room, Ingram managed to have both her and our Child Life Gal Heather get him paint AND let him use regular glitter!  My exhausted little painter ended up not eating his lunch at all, but instead fell alseep "for a long winters' nap" all snuggled up in his blanket in a nice cold room!

Ingram woke up with an appetite and decided to finally eat for the day!  He had a whole bag of Chex Mix and had some orange Gatorade while he chilled out in Mommy's spot waiting on the second part of his chemo to start.  He went back to painting and talking to all his "ladies" up here; no surprises here, he's got our sweet nurses wrapped around his little pinky!  Tonights drugs of choice were Carboplatin and Etopiside and we had two nurses who were "fighting" over handling his last round.  Luckily, they came to a solution and they both shared him; Jodi started him out and then Katie finished him up.  Katie is kinda special to us because she hung our very first round of chemo and has been a part of each round since; it was only fitting that she was there for the final "beep beep" of the pump and took down Ingram's chemo for the last time.

After we were done with changing over to fluids, we walked around the floor shooting an airplane and playing while we waited for some special visitors to come up and celebrate being done with chemo.  Daddy and the girls made it up to the hospital after 9pm and we went walking around the floor after they played and ate ice cream in our room.  It's good to be all together tonight, but it's a little difficult to control the noise level...we're just all a little too excited!!!  Next for us, "No Mo Chemo" party in the morning then heading to the house; we've got to get ready for a special birthday!!

Ann Claire Making Ingram Smile And Feel Better All At The Same Time!
Ingram Chilling Out Finally Feeling Better And Eating For The First Time Today...At 4:30pm!!!

Last Dose Of Carboplatin...Still Eating His Chex Mix!!

Last Dose Of Etopiside...With A Side Of Paint!

Getting Unhooked From Chemo!!  Woohoo!!

Ingram And Our Nurse Katie!

Ingram's Girls!!!
He Loves Them Sooooo Much!


  1. Way to go, Ingram! Or should I say "Spiderman"?...

  2. Great news! No more chemo.... Looks like a celebration is on the way. Love your blog, Ashley! Keep on and stay strong! Ingram is an amazing fighter. Blessings to your sweet family, Sandra Perkins