Monday September 10th, The Party Continues...

Craig's company, Vining Sparks, kicked off their fundraising this morning with a company-wide pep rally of sorts.  Technically, they were talking over the speaker system that goes through the entire firm to reach all the branches in the company and tell everyone about the fundraising efforts.  Craig is currently laughing at me as I'm typing this, but let me explain what I mean before you click off this page and do something else.

Mark Allen, head of the Vining Sparks team running in the St. Jude Marathon Weekend and raising money for St. Jude, gathered a ton of Vining employees that are running in the race in one spot on the trading floor and spoke to the whole firm to sort of "kick-off" their official fundraising for the St. Jude Marathon Weekend.  Then after he spoke, Madison talked for a minute then Lindsey said a few words too.  The closer though was Ingram and he was already standing on the table (where he was the whole time) and yelled "Get Your Move On!!!" as loud as he could into the microphone as everyone erupted in cheers.  He realized that he had forgotten to say his name so he added "I'm Shorty the Dinosaur!" in the same loud voice.  In between each one, people were hooping and hollering and to me it was kind of like a Pep Rally.  I may be about to turn 37 years old, but I still remember what pep rallies were like in high school and that's why I'm calling it a "pep rally of sorts."  Feel free to give Craig any grief for my recap of this morning; I know he'll appreciate it!

After we left Craig's office, we made it to school and checked the girls in a little late (they were still hungry and wanted some Chick Fil A breakfast) and then we headed home to play since we were off for the day.  Ingram decided to go swimming and wanted G-Mommy to swim with him.  The water was pretty cold and just as G-Mommy predicted, Ingram decided he was done swimming about 5 minutes after she was in the cold water.  That was about the extent of our day; we took it easy and just stayed at the house and enjoyed a little bit of down time after being inpatient and going non-stop to get things ready for yesterday's party.  He did swim again after school with Lindsey while Madison was at soccer but then it took him a long time to settle down and go to bed. 

One of the guys that Craig has worked with in the past went to Jerusalem yesterday and placed a written prayer for Ingram and our family in the "Kotel" which is Judiasm's holiest area and the site of both Temples from the very time of King David and Jesus.  It is a tradition that is followed by people of all faiths from all over the world and done by Kings, Presidents, and common people every day.  We felt so honored that he would think about us and so humbled that he would spend his time and write out such a beautiful prayer for us. 

The Family At Vining Sparks Before Getting On The Hoot!
G-Mommy Is Holding The Cheese Head For Ingram; It Has His Breakfast Still In It...Ruffles Potato Chips!
More Interesting Than Breakfast...The Cheese Head Was Renamed The Giraffe Head Right Before We Took This Picture!
Ingram Is Crazy And Is Not Acting Like He's Had Chemo...At All!!!  Lots Of Energy!!!

Madison Standing On The Table...Not Likely To Happen Again.
She's Our Rule Follower And Had To Be Put On The Table!

Lindsey Talking On The Hoot After She Jumped Up On The Table! 
Hopefully Not A Common Sight In Years To Come!

Ingram, Or Should I Say Shorty, Stealing The Show!

The Printout Of The Prayer Placed At The "Kotel" At Jerusalem.
We've Got A Copy Of It And It's A Beautiful Prayer.

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