Sunday September 2nd, Wet and Wild Kids!!

Seriously I think the kids were in the pool more than out of the pool today!!  We went to church, then to lunch, then hopped in the pool for the first time of the afternoon.  We had some friends over and the kids not only were going off the pirate plank doing stunts, but also having contests from the wall.  They swam and played half of the afternoon and it was great to see them all enjoying the pool, even with the water being cold!

Ingram had a quick nap then was ready to get in the water again with Lindsey since Madison was at a birthday party.  They played for another couple hours off and on with each other; Lindsey pulled Ingram on a boogie board all over the pool half of the time.  They were making waves all over the pool and having a great time.  While they were playing in the water, it was raining off and on and Daddy and G-Daddy were working in the yard and playing "Watch This!" when their names were called from the water.

We ended the night heading to the ice cream store (shocking I know) and also found Ingram a new Spiderman shirt that actually fits at Target.  When we got home, they were so wired from the ice cream and the storms that had been through this evening that they both wanted to sleep in our room on the floor together.  Beau started out in there too, but five minutes into it, he was still going back and forth between their beds so off to his crate he went!

Grandmother and Ingram From Last Night!

Benjamin, Madison, Katie, Lindsey, and Harrison Jumping Off The Wall!

Tugboat Lindsey Pulling The Barge Ingram
Despite The Look On Her Face, She Was Having Lots Of Fun.
I Think She Was Getting Tired By The Time I Took This Picture!

The Dismuke Men...Daddy, Ingram, and G-Daddy!
Some Things Are Just Too Cute!

These Two Were Inseparable Today!

These Two Were Just Plain Funny!
Ingram's Newest Face...Monkey Face!

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