Wednesday September 12th, A Long Day Off!

Oh how nice today is to just sit around and not "have" to go anywhere.  After Ingram got up, he decided that he didn't need to have his pajama pants on anymore and was walking around the house in just his t-shirt.  This is funny to me because his shirt is short and landed mid-cheek if you know what I mean; then to add more humor, he's running around and Beau's trying to catch his hiney since it looks like a new toy in brightly colored Cars undies!

Once again, he's been eating all day long!  After his breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios, he want to have chicken fries and Cheetoh puffs at 9:30am.  After he ate that watching tv, he decided about 11:30 that he needed to have the big chicken cirlces (frozen chicken patties) and ate a whole one.  We did end up remembering a meeting at school so we left for about 30 minutes total wearing a mask; around 1:30pm, he had to have ice cream so we swung into Gracie Blue which as totally empty and grabbed some yogurt to bring home.  And yes, he started eating it in the car until he dropped his spoon.

All that eating had him worn out and he was ready for his nap and went down without complaining today!  The girls also for the first time in a long time have no where to go this afternoon and are super excited about it too.  I had thought that tonight might actually be the first night they're in bed before 9pm on a school night.  I don't even know why I try to put them down early because I was wrong about the early bedtime too! 

Daddy got back from Wisconsin before it was bedtime which was great!  The only down side of that was that the kids were so excited and had so much energy that we went for a run/bike ride at 8pm!!  It definitely wasn't a traditional bike ride/run either because we were running and riding to TCBY before Craig and I had even had dinner which meant that our dinner was at 9:45pm after the girls were in bed.  Ingram decided he was hungry too so he ate some green peas while we had our dinner then went to bed.   

A Sweet Friend Ran Across This Picture From Ingram's Baby Dedication At Church On Father's Day 2009.
Wow How Time Flies When We're Having Fun!!
And Yes, He's Eating Madison's Pink Headband!

So Daddy's Back From Wisconsin And Of Course Brought Back Goodies!
At First We Named The Badger Cancer So We Could Hit It And Kick It And Beat It Up.
It Kept Coming Back So We Changed It's Name To Bob.

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  1. I like Ingram's new diet. Chicken fries, chicken circles, and ice cream. It sounds a lot better than what I had for lunch: Salad. Blah!!!!!