Saturday September 22nd, Soccer and Swimming!!

We started at what seemed like the crack of dawn this morning after a late night!  Ingram decided at 6:55am that he had gotten all his sleepy out and was ready to start his day; Mommy on the other hand was still tired so off to the den we go with our blankets in tow and crawled up in the chair together.  I had high hopes of getting a few more minutes of sleep then figured out quickly it wasn't going to happen with Mr. Chatty next to me!

I took Lindsey and Ingram back to the soccer field for her tournament and Daddy, Madison, and Abby came soon after with donuts in their hands.  Ingram was so excited to see that Daddy had donuts for him and said "I don't believe you got donuts for me Daddy!"  The little stinker was getting tons of attention from everyone at the field and was loving it, especially when his girls (including Abby) played with him.  After the game, the whole team headed to Moe's Southwest Grill to eat and it was soooo much fun.  Ingram sat at the table with the team and was smack dab in the middle of them.  He was making them all laugh and talking to everyone in the store. The little dude just doesn't stop talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday afternoon and evening, we had a few families over for dinner that we hadn't seen in a long time; the kids ranged all the way from 20 months to 8th grade!  They all had the best time swimming, playing, watching part of a movie before deciding they wanted to swim again, then eating dinner and swimming some more.  We all got to catch up with each other while the kids were playing and even managed to shave another head at the end of the evening.  The best part though was dinner and making S'mores in the fireplace!

Awww, My Two Favorite Guys!!
They Almost Look Like Angels With The Sun Shining Behind Them!

These Little Girls Played Super Hard This Morning!
Ingram Was Happy As Could Be Sitting With The Team!

7 Out Of 13 Of The Kids Jumping Over And Over From The Wall!
And I'm Not Counting the Big Kid In The Middle; He Was The Ring Leader!!

Ingram And Kevin Herzske!
He Lost A Bet On The Tennessee Game The Week Before!
The Cost...Losing His Hair!
Secretly, Though, We Think He Wanted To For Ingram!!
Ingram, Kevin, And The Frog From Preschool!

Does Anyone Else Think This Is Crazy?
The Guy With The Broken Collar Bone AND The Broken Arm AND Three Broken Vertebrae
AND He's Wearing Sunglasses At Night
Is The One Roasting The Marshmallows For The S'mores??

Well My Disposal Finally Blew Up Saturday Night After The Sink Has Been Leaking All Week.
Thanks To Jobe Madison (The Big Kid In The Middle Of The Wall Jumpers),
My Sink Is No Longer Full Of Dirty Nasty Disposal Water!!
Now To Find A New Disposal This Week!

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