Sunday September 23rd, Breakfast Treats, More Soccer, More Swimming, And More Treats!

Craig headed out early and brought breakfast home from the bakery and let Mommy sleep in this morning.  He tried and tried to get Ingram to go with him, but that little stinker didn't want to go without Mommy.  Lindsey ended up getting up and played with Ingram while Mommy got a few more minutes of sleep.  Craig came home with Panera Bread-baked goodies and a couple McDonald's hash browns for Ingram and Lindsey.  I was pretty upset with Beau though because when I turned my back, he jumped up on the counter and ate the last few bites of my muffin; like I've said before when he's been mischievous, if he wasn't so important to the kids...

I'm not quite sure what happened, but the super nice day we had at the soccer fields yesterday with the sunshine and the breeze was sooo not happening today!  It was so cold and the clouds were out during the game; we were so bummed too because the whole team was going to come swimming after the tournament ended.  We figured swimming in a heated pool wouldn't really be a good idea when the outside temperature was only 69 degrees and breezy.  No need having a whole team of sniffly kiddos running around town and spreading the ickies to their families and friends!

Madison added more soccer to the mix with her "goalie" practice this afternoon, but by then it was sunny and 72 degrees.  Lindsey and Craig played around while Madison had practice and it took them a little longer than I thought to come home.  When they pulled in, I knew where they had been; the suburban was full of Arborvitaes for the backyard around the pool, which has been on Craig's to-do list for a while.  We had dinner outside on the porch with a barricade so Beau couldn't get in and eat our food then it was swimming time for the kids again!  With such a good day, we figured the only way to end it properly was with another trip to the ice cream store to round out the weekend!

Check Out Peanut's Power Kick Down The Field!

Ingram Keeping Warm With Madison And Anna!
Whew!  We Survived Our First Tournament!
I'm Pretty Sure We Were The Smallest And The Youngest Team;
But They Weren't Afraid To Mix It Up With Girls Twice Their Size!

One Second They Were All Looking And Smiling.
Not Quite Sure What Happened Next??
It Makes My Heart Happy To Look At These Smiling Faces!
Who Could Not Smile Eating Ice Cream As Much As We Do...
Especially In Pajamas!?!?!


  1. What a great family photo! Give Craig a hug from us (Bunny and Larry)

  2. Beau is hereby invited to come to California to spend a week with us. Maybe he just needs a vacation. :-)