Wednesday September 26th, Rushing Around

How many things do you thing you can do in a day?  Today, I think I maxed out my to do list with Ingram right by my side the whole time.  On top of watching the "Hey St. Jude" video a thousand times again and watching the girls St. Jude/Team Ingram video a hundred times, Ingram went with me to do a million things before we go inpatient.  So after toting him around all day running errands to Chick Fil A, Target, Home Depot, and more, that little stinker told me he wasn't tired as he was yawning; he was sound asleep in less than a minute after Beau put him down for a nap. 

Tomorrow, we go inpatient (after we visit our favorite buddies at Germantown Baptist Church Weekday Preschool) for what we believe is out FOURTH AND FINAL ROUND OF CHEMO!!!!  We are so excited that we were able to squeeze this round in before Craig has to head out of town on business.  We will be inpatient for Thursday, Friday and then home on Saturday if all goes according to our plan.  We did call in for reinforcements this time and have G-Mommy coming up from Texas to help out with the girls since we have soccer, school projects, and school tests; who knows what else will pop up before we get out of the hospital!  But the best part is...LAST ROUND!!!

Not only is this huge to be finishing chemo, but we also trying to get ready for Ingram's birthday on Monday!   He's so excited about turning 4 and I think is even more excited that Beau will turn 1 since they have the same birthday; we also have two other friends that will also turn 5 (Jeb) and 9 (Wade) on Monday as well!  He was so excited when we were talking about his birthday that he actually planned out the whole thing in a matter of minutes in the Home Depot parking lot!  We even found a Scooby Doo Bounce House for him and all his pals to jump around in and got candy for a Pinata!  When we were talking about who he wanted to invite, he started rattling off names of his friends from preschool, church, then went on to his girls' friends, then he finally said that he wanted everyone to EVERYONE is invited and we hope to see you at our house Sunday at 3pm for a bouncing good time!  Who knows, the pool may even be warmed up a touch in case anyone wants to go swimming!

We forgot to post these pictures from yesterday at St. Jude due to all the excitement with the "#heystjude" video being released!  The video is all over Facebook being posted and reposted and reposted and reposted!

This is Jake and Ingram loves him!  He also saw us at Lebonheur before surgery.
He was literally putting him to sleep while he rubed his belly for about 10 minutes!

This Is Spooky! 
She's Always So Still...Unless You Have A Balloon Around...Which We Did!

We Ate Lunch With Our Friends Josiah and Miss Emily! 
Miss Emily Works In Patient Affairs And Is One Of The Keepers Of The Important "Snack Bag" Tickets!
Josiah Has A Post-Treatment Scan Coming Up Monday So Keep Him And His Family In Your Prayers!


  1. WOW! You know Josiah too? I've been praying for that little guy since he was a baby! (Jack "JT" Sedory)

  2. Oooh - I like Spooky. Cute dog and cute name. Good luck at inpatient this week! We'll be thinking of you!