Tuesday September 25th, Hey St. Jude!!

Okay, so I've been holding this in all day and chomping at the bit to post it, but I wanted to wait and show the girls when they got home from school.  When Ingram was inpatient gettting his second round of chemo, I posted that he was filmed for a very fun hospital video.  St. Jude had just bought the rights to the song "Hey Jude" and they were using it to celebrate St. Jude's 50th Anniversary.  Well this morning they released the video on You Tube and on the St. Jude website and guess who's beautiful bald head they used??  You guessed it...Ingram!!

We even had his "I Love St. Jude" shirt with us and he changed into it just for the filming.  We saw so many of our friends on the video and couldn't believe all the celebrities they had singing too!  It's a great video and shows so many different aspects of the hospital from the staff to kids to the lab to the musicians and celebrities that support St. Jude.  Every time I watch it I just cry and laugh all at the same time.  They even have it on the main frame of the hospital website and then that directs you to a website that is solely for the video and their new fundraising campaign which is www.heystjude.org

The best thing is that I can look at Ingram's beautiful smile all day long as they used his face for the cover!  You better believe that all of the Dismuke crew will be sporting new black tshirts that say "#heystjude" pretty soon! 


  1. i know! i cried today when i saw the video too! i showed jake and he said THAT'S MY FRIEND INGRAM! HE'S AT MY SCHOOL :)

  2. Ashley, that was beautiful! (I cried. It was a given.) I can't think of a better spokes model for that gorgeous video than your gorgeous Ingram. The entire song was inspiring and sweet and fabulous. I think my favorite part (after Ingram, of course) was Robin Williams.

    We are so blessed to have a research hospital like St. Jude here to help all these incredible children. I'm blown away by the love and care they have given you. A video like that is sure to garner more support and funding to make it even better.


  3. I saw the video before I saw your post. I had to rewind it and did a double look. And as soon as I KNEW it was Ingram, I got chills and tears. They couldn't have picked a better patient then mr. handsome himself! we miss him so much at preschool and look forward to many visits until he can return.
    I can't wait to show Nolan the video in the morning. He is so excited to see Ingram (hopefully) this week.

  4. Such an incredible video, Ashley! Ingram was the perfect choice for the cover!

  5. That was amazing & Ingram is adorable!! My family & I are still praying for Ingram.

  6. Great video. I posted something on the SAE Facebook page about this. With all of our love, respect, prayers, and hope.

    Phi Alpha,
    Boomer Ayers
    Eminent Supreme Recorder & father.