Friday September 21st, Yeah!

We got to St. Jude right before the rain started this morning and were planning to be there all day for appointments and a platelet transfusion.  But...we didn't need the transfusion and were out by noon!  Ingram's butterfly came out today also and we made it home just in time to play in the bathtub for a while before naptime.  Since it had rained a lot this morning, Beau was all nasty and he jumped in the tub when Ingram got out for his own bath.  Now he smell's like strawberries instead of a dirty stinky wet dog!

Afterschool, friends came over and played until we had to head to Lindsey's first soccer tournament.  We took dinner to the field and ate while her team was playing and they all ran around like crazy chasing each other and cheering for Lindsey at the same time.  Once we were home from the game, Madison and her friend Abby "helped" put Ingram in bed, but it didn't exactly go as planned.  About 45 minutes later, I was still trying to get Ingram to go to sleep; he knew he was missing out on part of the fun since Lindsey was home then too.  Madison, Lindsey, and Abby hit the pool at about 9:30pm while the fire was roaring in the porch waiting on them to make some S'mores.  So I guess, Ingram really was right about missing out on the party!!

Breakfast Of Champions While We Wait On Lab Results!
Can You See Why Ingram Was Still Awake??

One Tired Soccer Playing, Late-Night Swimming, S'more Eating Girl! 

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