Saturday September 15th, Drip, Drip, Drip

So at 11pm last night, Craig was in the attic with the shop vac drying out the massive pile of water that was pouring down the overflow pan down the pipe down the roof through the walls into my closet AGAIN!!!  Seriously, another air conditioner unit is breaking and they're just not that cheap to replace.  We should know since we had to replace the unit that controls the majority of the house two years ago.  The reason I know it was 11pm is because there was a knock at our door and Aaron and Erin were home for the weekend from Birmingham.  They hadn't been home since right after Ingram's surgery; they were very excited to see Ingram and the girls and we were excited to see them too.

We didn't tell the girls they were coming because they would not have gone to bed at all! We were all in the den when the girls heard noises and then in the den come Aaron and all chaos ensues. We ended up going to lunch instead of breakfast and then went on a two hour tour of Sports Authority. The girls learned how to play volleyball while Ingram showed everyone how he can putt from off the green and make it.  Once we were back at home, it was more volleyball in the yard and then dinner and watching football on TV with the whole crew. The best thing about the game was that we recorded it so at our halftime, we all headed to the pool for some cold water swimming!

Oh yeah I almost forgot...since we needed a little bit more going on, I went to the cleaners to pick up Craig's shirts and Craig's car started doing something a little familiar!  When I drove it to the lake a long time ago for our "radiation celebration" I sat on the side of the road with a flat tire at 10pm.  This time though, I managed to make it home before the tire went totally flat, but nonetheless, it is now flat!  Oh I guess we'll get it fixed another day; maybe the same day that I get the kitchen sink fixed since it's half broken anyway.  One of these days, I guess I'll have time to get it all done; we're just never home long enough during the day to have repairmen come out to fix things. 


"Bump, Set, Spike!"

Even Beau's Trying To Get In On The Action!

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