Thursday September 27th, Beginning The Final Round!

We had soooo much fun at GBC this morning!!  Ingram got to see most of his friends from class last year and even painted and played on the playground with them for a while.  My heart melted though when he asked if he could spend the night there (which meant be there all day and take a nap in the afternoon); I just didn't think he would even go into his room on his own.  That comment alone helped me to realize how great our God is and how much He cares even in the little stuff like going to Preschool.  With all the fits Ingram throws at being separated from me since we've been together just about every minute since April 3rd, the fact that he wants to go back to "school" is a huge deal! 

Once we got to St. Jude, we had some free time between our appointments and getting our room for our inpatient stay and we were just meandering around talking to friends and hanging out in the cafeteria.  We did manage to walk away from the gift shop with some super cool huge smiley face flowers and decided that we would start having everyone sign one to celebrate his last inpatient chemo stay.  So we started having people sign it and it's just so much fun because everyone gets so excited about the end of chemo; it's kind of the beginning of the end of this part of our journey and the flower is another tangible memory we can show him when he's older about everything he went through as a 3 and a half year old.

G-Mommy arrived at SJ after we got the flower and we were sitting and talking and Rick Shadyac, the CEO of ALSAC which is the fundraising arm of St. Jude, walked over and started talking to us about all the fundraising the girls are doing because he had seen their video.  He had last heard that they were in the $80,000 range, but was blown away with their new total of around $130,000!  During the course of the conversation we (both me and G-mommy) commented on his tie and then G-mommy started telling about G-Daddy's "St. Jude Tie Collection."   She told him that he is always wearing his St. Jude ties and how last round when he was here, he came home with 3 new ones...  AND HE STARTS TAKING HIS TIE OFF TO GIVE HER!!!  She kept telling him that she couldn't take his tie, but he wouldn't have it any other way.  The funny part is that since G-Mommy had only been here to SJ once during Radiation, she didn't recognize Mr. Shadyac and when I told her who he was, she just about fell out of her seat!! 

So I guess you could say between a fun time at preschool, a new iphone cover with the SJ logo all over it for me, a big smiley flower for Ingram, and a new tie for G-Daddy from the CEO's neck, we had a pretty good day despite having to get chemo!  Ingram was exhausted from all our fun and conked out as soon as he was snuggled up in his bed for another late day nap.  He's already talking about seeing his girls tomorrow after school and can't wait; they all gave each other the best hugs this morning before they left for school since they wouldn't see him tonight.  I'm such a lucky mother! 

Ingram And Jake Painting Together! 
Jake Was Funny And Asked Ingram Where All His Hair Went As He Was Rubbing His Head!

Climbing Around On The Green Turtle Has Never Been So Fun As It Was Today With Lola, Nolan, And Harrison!

Ingram's Smiley Face Flower With His Smile Peeking From Behind The Glass!
And G-Mommy's I-Can't-Believe-I-Have-Rick-Shadyac's-Tie-On Smile!
I Wish Craig's Dad Had Been Here For This Moment; He Would Have Loved It!!
Ingram Eating His Dinner While He Gets His Last Dose Of Cyclophosamide!!

Look Who Surprised Ingram At Bedtime!!!

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  1. The flower idea is great. What a wonderful way to remember the (many) amazing times you had at St. Jude. Good luck this week! We're thinking of you!