Wednesday September 19th, And Again...

Okay. I've decided that to make our lives even more interesting, something of some sort out of the ordinary has to happen EVERY day!  Well today follows that pattern and why should I be surprised?  My mom is here in town since Craig was on a trip and our schedule was nutty yesterday; plus we thought he was going to be out of town all week and we definitely would've needed the help.  It turns out that Craig's trip got changed and he got in at midnight last night and then had to leave again at 3am for the office to be on tv at 4am.  Needless to say, he's exhausted but so very glad to be back in town. 

Since Mom was here, I ran a few errands today all by myself; I went early birthday shopping then went to get a few groceries at Walmart.  I loaded the car and then hopped in to go to the next stop, but nothing happened.  I tried again and still nothing.  At that point, I just started laughing and called Craig hoping to make him laugh too.  After he offered to come help me (I have such a stud of a husband, offering to save his damsel in distress), he said that I "picked the right place to have it not start" so off to the car counter I go.  They were so sweet and even sent Jimmy with me to jump the battery which was 100% dead so we could bring it around back to get replaced.  The battery we needed wasn't there so they went looking around and found it in a delivery that had just gotten there this morning and hadn't been unloaded.  While I was waiting for it to be serviced and still at the counter talking to the people that worked there, a dear friend came through the door that I hadn't seen since before all this started with Ingram.  We used to live across the cove from each other about 4 years ago and saw each other every single day.  The funny thing was that both of us had been thinking about each other and we spent the whole time catching up and talking and everything.  It was truly like God made my car not work and made her car not work either just so we could see each other.  I have no idea how long we talked, but my heart was happy afterwards and I think hers was too.

I know Craig's also happy tonight not only because he'll see the kids for the first time since Sunday night, but also because we have cold air flowing from our new air conditioner!  B and W Air installed our air conditioner today and also solved our mildew/mold issue too.  But before we sleep in our 65 degree bedroom, we went swimming in poolwater that's 91 degrees!  Apparently, the pool heater that we thought was turned off the other day was actually still running.  The water was warm  and it felt great compared to the 64 degree air, but once they got out it was freezing cold and the only way to solve that was to sit by the fireplace make S'mores.  We love this weather!!!

Brrrrr...First Cold School Morning At The Bustop!
All Decked Out In Hoodies From Daddy's Business Trips!

Striking A Pose In The New Team Vining/Team Ingram Running Shirts And Hat

Daddy And His Girls
Right Before This Picture, Craig Snuck Around The Garage And Got In The Deep End Without Them Noticing.
Then He Swam Underwater And Grabbed Their Feet...I'm Sure The Whole Neighborhood Heard The Screams!!!

Little Man Played Basketball Since His Butterfly Wouldn't Let Him Swim! 
I'm Pretty Sure He Was 100% Fine With Shooting Hoops!!

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  1. Everything sounds topsy turvy today - freezing house, hot pool, cold air. I love how you always make it work.