Monday September 3rd, Holiday!!!

Today was fantastic!!! Madison, Lindsey, and some friends made posters for our Team Ingram party this weekend and they made some really great posters.  Then of course since it was a sunny day, we spent the rest of the day in the pool swimming with friends and then just with each other.  Craig and G-Daddy worked in the yard all day and cooled off several times in the pool themselves. 

Since we were off today with the holiday, I also decided that we were off in the kitchen too.  No need to mess up with kitchen with food when we had other plans to mess it up instead!  We had take out for dinner then decided to do some redecorating to the kitchen by adding some GRAY to our color scheme to see how well it looked......

Ingram Working Magic!

Madison Thinking About Which Way To Go Next!

Uh Oh! Someone Missed A Spot!

Ingram's Favorite...Head Rubs!!

Ingram And The Tickle Monster, Also Known As G-Daddy!!


  1. I love the picture of Keith and Ingram with their heads together!!

  2. Great haircut, Keith!!!! It's a good look for you. :-)