Friday September 7th, A Rough Start

On our way to St. Jude this morning, it started.  Ingram was sitting there talking and watching a movie in the car when all of a sudden I hear this noise kind of like an anxious cry and I knew what was about to happen...and it did.  Ingram threw up for the first for this round of chemo but uckily he made it all in his bucket.  The funny thing about it was that afterwards, he wanted me to take a picture and send it to Daddy; so I did and I'll confess that I got in trouble by Craig for taking a picture while driving while Ingram was not feeling well then emailing it to him.  I'm really good at multi-tasking, but I think I need to stop doing so much at a time, especially while on the Interstate.  

Once at St. Jude, we ran into our friend Mae; her counts finally have started to come up!  After 21 days of her ANC being at big fat 0, they are now at 100!  This is huge and we're so excited for them.  Ingram had speech and then went in to get his Peg shot in his leg and did great.  On the way home, he decided that he needed some Moe's for lunch so of course I had go there.  That little stinker didn't eat anything but chips; at least he had fun in the restaurant watching everyone while he ate his chips.  He changed his mind so many times with what he was going to eat the rest of the day, but unlike lunchtime, he ate a lot of food I think had a full belly by the time he went to bed. 

Ingram was so excited when the girls were home and they all planned a "campout" together in the girls' room.  They made a pallet on their floor and then they spent lots of time together trying not to fall asleep.  I'm not going to mention any names here, but I was totally shocked at who was the first one to fall asleep.  They even fell asleep as storms were coming through so I know they were all exhausted!

Our Three Sleepy Heads!
They Missed Each Other While We Were In The Hospital!

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