Sunday September 16th, More Non-Stop Fun!

Before we even got to church this morning, we had already had a full morning at home...cutting Aaron's hair!  There was a ton of hair too and all the kids took turns cutting his hair and even collecting it in a Ziploc bag.  I'm not sure what they thought was going to happen with the hair, but they collected it anyway.  Ingram renamed Mr. Aaron "Spiderman"; the funny thing was that he says it like "Fireman" so it took forever to figure out what he was trying to say.  I wish we had recorded the conversation; his speech therapist Mrs. Angela would have loved it!

Once we finally got to church, Ingram wouldn't go in to his room so he stayed with us in church.  They had Promotion Sunday while we were out and Ingram is a man of pattern and didn't like his new room.  Maybe next week when Mrs. Brokke is his teacher, he'll go in a little easier!!  After church we headed to Five Guys for lunch and it was soooo good; next up, we test drove mowers outside Lowe's and each of the kids decided they needed one to help Daddy with the yard work.  After all if two heads are better than one, surely three mowers are better than one right??

We came home in time to get Lindsey, Madison, and Craig to soccer practice (which we almost forgot about!).  Ingram decided that he wanted to swim especially since we left the heater on overnight accidentally; I'm pretty sure we are not looking forward to the next utility bill.  It started raining but Ingram wanted to swim in the rain since he was already wet.  He threw all his toys in the pool for the girls to get but they didn't want to jump in after soccer.  I guess they were wet enough already too!  They did eventually jump in for a minute right before we went to TCBY and ended up going to TCBY in their pajamas.  I guess I can't make fun of them for that since I was already in mine too!

Another Huge Head Of Hair!!

Shorty And Spiderman!

Um...We'll Take Three Please!

The Rain Doesn't Stop Ingram From Swimming!
Now Mommy, On The Other Hand, Sat On The Side And Talked and Took Pictures!

Sometimes I Think We Eat Too Much Ice Cream.
Did I Really Say That? 
There's No Such Thing As Too Much Ice Cream!!

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  1. I don't know Aaron (aka Spiderman/Fireman), but I really like his haircut. Nice work, kids!