Thursday September 6th, We're home!

Our morning started early but once again, Ingram was in a great mood.  When his nurses and doctors came by for rounds, they would end up sitting on the bed while Ingram was just talking to them about everything under the sun.  It was quite comical to watch (and interpret when needed) while he talked about his socks, showed them his mokey face and his shark face, talked about his Daddy and their nicknames, and talked about his girls.  Then he would start talking about his friends both at St. Jude and at home and then started talking about his favorite foods.  I'm telling you, he is so talkative now! 

We knew at 10am that we were for sure going to be discharged today and so we were ready and the car was packed by 11am; we went to eat lunch and Ingram ate a whole grilled cheese today which was the most he had eaten since Tuesday.  He also had some raisinets and ate the whole package; in case you didn't know they are his favorite!!  We finally headed out at 2pm and made it home in time to unload the car and play with Beau for a few minutes before heading off again.

Next we picked up the girls from school early and went to Craig's office for the Team Vining Kick-Off Meeting.  It was great and we got to meet everyone that is on the team and Ingram was still fulll of energy!!  He didn't get a nap today either and I still can't believe how chemo isn't taking his energy away but it doesn't.  Next week when his counts go down, he may lose some energy, but for now, he's doing great and has plenty of energy.  He was all over the room during the meeting but it's a little difficult to get him to be still sometimes...he is three year old you know! 

Tomorrow we go in for his Peg shot to help his counts rebound and then we're off till Tuesday unless anything crazy happens.  He even got to have his butterfly taken out but unfortunately he can't swim right now; it seems that all of last weekends water fun caused a little infection in one of his ears.  Hopefully, he'll catch up on his sleep over the next few days and have fun with the girls and friends before his counts go down and we go into isolation mode.  Hopefully, we'll all catch up on our sleep!

Look Who I Caught Getting All Snuggly In My Bed/Couch This Morning!

It's A Double Cheese Attack!!
This Grilled Cheese Made Ingram Say Cheese!!

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  1. He was perfect and precious at the meeting and the girls were beautiful! What an inspiring family you are!