Thursday September 13th, Plans

I don't know why we always think the days are going to go according to "our" plans; okay so I guess I should really say "my" plans.  You would think that I should know by now not to really make any plans more than an hour or two out just to make sure it's easier when we need to go a different route.  By the time we were getting our lab results back, they wanted to get a jump on Ingram's platelets because they were dropping at a fast rate.  The biggest problem with Ingram is that he's all boy and tries to hang with his girls; that tends to result in more injuries than normal.  But today, I (with Craig's okay on the phone) decided to postpone his transfusion 24 hours so that we could have a somewhat normal afternoon; honestly though I just didn't feel like trying to make plans for the rest of the afternoon/evening for the girls since it was already 1:30pm and they both had soccer at different places and we had a special event at Craig's office too.  I guess you could say we were just too busy for platelets today!

So instead of platelets, we headed to Craig's office to shave some more heads!  Some of the guys put out what I'm calling a "bounty" on Martin Shea's hair.  If they raised a certain amount of money, then he would let Ingram shave his head.  Last week, Ingram tried to shave his head and he just wasn't ready yet but today was a different story.  He was more than a little nervous as Ingram was behind him with the clippers, but he went through with it and only needed a papertowel once or twice to wipe the perspiration from his forehead.  After Martin was hairless, Patrick Farrell and Kenny Empting stepped up to the plate and decided to shave their heads too!  By this time though, Ingram was more than a little tired and needed to go sit down a bit in Daddy's office.  He found a pack of M & M's and quickly ate a handful and drank some lemonade to kick start his energy so that he could shave a little bit of Patrick and Kenny's hair.

Once we got home, the Berry family made their way to our house so that Ingram could shave Shad's head before they left town!  Madison started the first cut on Shad's hair because Ingram wasn't in the bed of moods when I woke him up after sleeping for 30 minutes.  Luckily Ann Claire worked on cheering up Ingram on the porch swing while all the other kids took turns shaving Shad's head.  I finished the rest of his shave after the kids were done and Craig got home after we were all finished.  Apparently I didn't get it clean enough and Craig took him inside to finish the job.  The funny thing was that Craig didn't have his regular glasses so he was inside shaving Shad's head with his sunglasses on since he can't see a thing without his glasses!

After our afternoon front porch shaving event ended, Madison made it to her soccer game and Lindsey made it to her soccer practice and Ingram made it to the kitchen to find the waffle mix!  He's still eating a good amount and had gained another .2kg making his weight today 14.7 and we're so happy about that.  The kids were all so excited about not having school tomorrow and they set up a spot for Ingram and are having a sleepover of sorts upstairs in the girls' room.  Tomorrow, all four of us will head to St. Jude for a trip to the lab which will almost 100% lead to the rest of the day getting a platelet transfusion.  At least the kids will be together and that will make Ingram have a better day too!

Can You See The Worry On Martin's Face?
These Guys Are Brave To Let An Almost 4-Year-Old Hold A Shaver To Their Heads!

Ingram And Martin Shea

Partick Farrell With Craig Holding The Clippers!
(Ingram Crashed During This Shaving And Had To Go Sit Down With Mommy For A Few Minutes)
And Yes, They Cut The Little Pony Tail That Was Left!

Ingram, Craig, And Kenny Empting
Ingram Returned In Time To Do Clean-Up In The Back!

Madison With The Berry Crew!
Check Out All That Hair On Shad!!!

Oh Yeah, Feel Free To Make Fun Of Craig Wearing His Sunglasses Inside!
Ingram Named Shad "Chicken Head" Then Changed It To "Beef Head."
We Have No Idea Where He's Coming Up With These Nicknames!

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