Wednesday September 5th, Sleep...What's That?

Ingram has surprised me today and not been grouchy despite having less sleep than normal.  Since Daddy stayed with us and let G-Daddy take care of the girls for us and it was nice going down to the cafeteria and eating toast with no butter or jelly; I tried to convince him to add to his toast but he wasn't in a calorie eating mood!  Our friend Kari came down to visit and went to the cafeteria with us while we ate breakfast and gave her a short tour of our side of St. Jude.  It's such a huge place so we just showed her our main areas. 

G-Daddy made his way down here too which meant that the girls made it to school; he giggled when I asked how things went at home.  Apparently, last night Madison added an extra "30" to the bedtime on the note that Craig had left; she did confess that she did it when at 9:20pm G-Daddy said "Time to head to bed!"  I love that even a simple thing like that provokes a guilt response in her;  hopefully, that won't change as we enter the pre-teen years.  I also got an email from our teacher saying that the girls had a great day too and that made my heart happy to know.

Ingram has been playing with Play-Doh with G-Daddy, playing with his new Spiderman and Batman toy, and watching movies this round.  He's been a little more quiet than normal, but then again, he missed out on about 7 hours that he would normally be sound asleep.  We did get to see another race car driver that was here; his race car looked just like a school bus with special wheels and a parachute behind it.  Ingram said it wasn't the kind of bus he'd like to ride.  Our friend Mae is here too but we can't really play much right now since her counts are still at 0 and she's having fever again.  She goes in spurts of having energy and when she's not feeling well, she stays in her bed.  We were able to stop by and see her a few times today and they were so cute just talking to each other with her in her bed and Ingram at her door. 

Our drugs are done running and the plan is for us to come home tomorrow which means our beds and no grocery store sliding doors will be opening and closing all night/day long.  We're going to have a busy next few days getting ready for our Team Ingram Kick-Off Party, but we're soooo excited for it!  We can't wait to see all the people that are going to be running for Ingram and raising money for St. Jude.  In case you're on the team and you have no idea what I'm talking about, email and we can fill you in. 

Ingram And Larry Jeffers With His "Bad Bus"

Fever Can't Stop These Two From Chatting!

Ingram And G-Daddy Playing Play-Doh!

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