Tuesday September 4th, Inpatient Again

What a day!  We started off this morning once the girls were off to school for the hospital.  Of course it's not as simple as that...we've got to get the laundry done, put it all away, pack our bags, pick up all the morning mess from breakfast, take out the trash, feed the dog, water the dog, make spelling word cards, make multiplication cards, pick up any other mess from the house and pretty much make it spotless since I'm going to be gone for a few days.  Anyway, you get the idea! Our goal was to be out of the house by 9:30am and I think we finally made it out of the house by 10:30am.

Once we got to St. Jude and figured out we'd be going inpatient for sure, we were exhausted!  Ingram still takes a nap most days and we both could have used one today after our fun weekemd.  Once we got to our room, it was almsot 3pm and then by the time he sat still to eat dinner at 5:30pm, he fell asleep while he was chewing his food; sound familiar to anyone who visited us when Craig was in the hospital?? 

Speaking of Craig, he came up to the hospital tonight too since G-Daddy is taking care of the girls at the house.  They had soccer practice, then dinner, then showers, then bedtime.  I guess I'll get the report of how things went in the morning after they're off to school, that is unless they have any issues in the morning which I doubt.  Tonight, we got to paint again on the windows out in the lobby and even did a puppet show for Daddy and our nurse Anna.  So far, one days worth of Chemo down and one more to go!  Just in case you want to take a 6pm snooze with your kids one day, it's 11:15pm and he's still going strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingram And Daddy Painting Flowers!

Ingram And Mommy Picking Out A New Paint Color!
Notice The Life-Size Ingram Behind The Real Ingram; He Was Daddy's Idea!

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