Tuesday September 11th, Surprises

Today will go down in the record book as another crazy day!!  Our original plans were to be at St. Jude for about 2 and a half hours then home to do laundry, play, paint, and catch up on the stack of things yet to be done.  Well that isn't what ended up happening and I can tell you now, I'm just a tad bit exhausted! 

After the girls left for school, we headed out for SJ and Ingram ate food or should I say M & M's the whole way.  He even ate real food at home and had a drink too without throwing up, which is crazy!  With his previous two rounds, he threw up for about 2 weeks off and on after and chemo and here we are 8 days out and he's only thrown up three times.  Now those three times were remarkable, but none the less only three times!  This I can attribute to people praying for him to be able to eat and not throw up;  even the small things like food are great to pray about!  I'm still shocked at how much food he's been eating and he's not even taking his appetite stimulant right now because I didn't want to make him hungry if he was going to be nauseous.  He had a fun time in Speech and is helping to "train" a new intern.  He's always doing everything for the nurses so why shouldn't he try to take on the Speech Therapist position too?

Next we're off to the lab to be accessed and check his counts.  Before we could get in the room though, he took off his shoes and hopped on the scale...14.5 kg (31.9lbs)!  Again, I was so surprised that I called Craig right then and told him.  The other nurses were also excited because they know how up and down weight goes during chemo and this is the highest Ingram's been right after chemo! Then off to get poked he goes and didn't even cry when he was poked.  More surprises!!!  We ran into our friend Mae and found out that she got discharged the other day because her ANC is up to 700 now.  Huge surprise here because we thought their address was going to be changed to the SJ 2nd floor instead of her house since her ANC was down for so long and they made her stay inpatient.  Oh such a fun day we were having....and then...

Ingram's counts came back and not only was his ANC super low (totally expected) but his hemaglobin was down to 7 (not totally expected but not shocked at the number) which meant a blood transfusion was needed.  Oh this soooo messed up our plans for the day, but I should have known with his bruises, his attitude, and his meltdowns that it was low.  Luckily for us, a mere 4 hours later, we were headed home (you catch the sarcasm here right?) but the good part is that he was full of energy once again!  He was so full of energy, that even though we are in "isolation" we stayed at the soccer field for part of each of the girls' games tonight with Ingram wearing his mask and playing with a few friends.  There's just something about fresh air and being outdoors that does everyone good.

An exciting surprise is that the Team Ingram Collection for chickies of all ages is ready for purchase!!! A friend of our from college has put together a set of fun clips, headbands, broaches, and bracelets to sell to honor Ingram.  Her website is currently not working, but she is taking orders on Facebook, but we can also take orders for you too.  The headband is $15, the adult bracelet is $24, the broach is $18, and the clip is $8. We're working on getting a link up and will hopefully have that working tonight!  All the proceeds go to St. Jude to help fight Childhood Cancer since this is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Check Out The Kids In The Team Shirts!
These Are Also For Sale...$20 Each With All Proceeds Going To St. Jude!
We Will Have A Link Set Up With Detailed Information On The Shirts Too.
If You Want Them, Let Us Know Which Shirt and What Size!

Even Waiting On A Transfusion Is Fun With A Lunch Like This!
Grilled Cheese, Tatar Tots, And Bacon.
He Had Already Finished His Rasinets!

I'd Give Anything To Know What Luke, Hudson, And Ingram Were Talking About!!

Watch Out Tim Howard; These Two Might Make A Run For Your Goalie Spot!

Aren't These So Cute??
Blue Is For Madison, Pink Is For Lindsey, Green Is For Ingram, And Gold Is For Childhood Cancer!



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