Sunday September 9th, PARTY!!!!

The Team Ingram Kick-Off Party was today and it was fantastic!  Okay so I'm a little biased, but our backyard, porch, pool, front yard, driveway, playground, and house were full of Heroes who are running in the Marathon Weekend and raising money for St. Jude!  I'm not good at estimating, but I'd say we had over 100 people here today!!!

I think all the kids were swimming at one point and the younger ones decided it wasn't for them and hopped out.  Ingram was a little too overwhelmed to swim and he waited till everyone left and swam by himself.  The line to go off the diving board wrapped around to the side wall and there was also a line on the wall waiting to jump off in between the board jumpers.  We even had our very own lifeguard over who also happened to be a nursing student and one of our great babysitters; so with just one sweet Marie, we had our bases covered fully kidwise!

Mr. and Mrs. Tate came over with the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Cart and served up some yummy ice cream for everyone!  Our favorite, Lemonade Sorbet, was a huge hit, but I saw lots of chocolate mouths too.  Between the plethora of ice cream, sodas, waters, cookies, brownies, fruit, and Chex mix, everyone had plenty of food and plenty of fun! 

Ingram ended the party by shaving Pops' hair.  Even though he's at the house every week, we've had trouble finding the time to shave his hair.  Finally today, not only Ingram, but also the other four grandchildren (Madison, Lindsey, Carley, and Brett) got to shave his already short hair all the way to nothing!!

This Is Only PART Of Team Ingram!!!
Others Were Inside, In The Front, And In The Driveway Playing. 

Our Trusty LifeGuard/Nurse/Babysitter Marie!
"Wait....Don't Make Me Drop My Diet Dr. Pepper!!!"

The Pool Suddenly Emptied!
"I've Got Lemonade, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies and Cream, Cookie Dough, and More!"
Could Our Day Get Any Better Than This??
We Love Ben And Jerry's!!!

The Unanimous Winner Of The Belly Flop Contest...Harrison Smith!
...All 30 Something Pounds of Belly Flopping Fun!!

Ingram Shaving Pops With A Huge Smile!!

Post Party...All Cleaned Up And Ready For More!
Can You Tell What Color Is Ingram's Favorite??
The Signs Were Made By Madison, Lindsey, And Their Friends!

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