Thursday September 20th, A Lot Of Money and A Little Bit Of Platelets

Ingram just keeps eating and growing every day.  Today at his lab appointment, he weighed 15.1 kg!  He also helped with his labs again then took off to go play.  He made a paper sack owl and it was really cute.  He was showing everyone and pretending to "hoot" like an owl.  We saw our friend Mae too for the first time in a week and were so excited that they got to leave Memphis and St. Jude for a few days and spend some fun time with her family. 

After playing we walked over to the ALSAC building to turn in over $30,000 that had been raised for St. Jude.  Once that money hits the accounts, the girls will be right at Madison's $100,000 goal and this is more than exciting for us.  They're still out raising money and will start helping Lindsey's total head towards the $100,000 mark as well.  The great thing is that they aren't even done raising money; they already have plans for more fundraising after the St. Jude Marathon Weekend is over that we'll share at a later day.  While we were walking to ALSAC, Ingram decided that he wanted to eat lunch outisde since it was such a pretty day.  We ended up eating with a table of nurses that were oh so sweet; when they left, another set of staff sat down to eat.  I can't remember the technical name for their job, but they're in the Research Tower and work all day at finding drugs that will cure cancer.  We loved sitting and talking with them and are so lucky that we get to meet people that work at St. Jude all the time other than just our own doctors, nurses, and therapists. 

In our lab check appointment, we found out that Ingram's platelets had dropped another 10,000 points so we're headed back in tomorrow for another lab check followed by a platelet transfusion.  I'm pretty positive this means that Ingram's next round won't start until Tuesday October 2nd instead of Tuesday September 25th; I've been wrong before about the dates so who knows when it'll happen for sure.  After a quick trip to Costco on the way home, I spent the rest of the day and night trying to protect him (a little too much Daddy says) from falling, running, jumping, and everything else because we don't want any new boo-boo's before tomorrow. 

Trust me, this was hard to do and made my neck all sore from being tense from 6:45pm till about 9:00pm when we were at Chili's.  You see, Monday September 24th is National St. Jude Create-A-Pepper Day at Chili's, but tonight was our elementary school's St. Jude's Chili's Create-A-Pepper night and it was packed!!!  The kids were running all around outside the restaurant and of course Ingram wanted to be right in the middle of it.  Oh he made me so nervous the whole time he wasn't right next to me, but thankfully Daddy was there to save the day and make me let Ingram play.  Sometimes I guess Momma Bear turns into overdrive, but he's a kid and wanted to play with his girls' friends and I didn't want to let him.  Watching him run around though was great for him because he never quit smiling and calling their names to play with him!  I, on the other hand, was so glad when I finally buckled him in his car seat and headed home for bed!!

Whoo! Whoo!

Woohoo!! Still Gaining Weight!!

We Stopped By Costco For A Few Things And Ingram Picked Out His Halloween Costume!
Power Rangers Go!!

Ingram With A Whole Table Of Girls At Chili's Tonight!!

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